ipod shuffle

  • Price of internal components of $79.99 iPod Shuffle adds up to $21.77

    The guys and dolls over at iSuppli have taken apart one of those new iPod Shuffles—you know, the one that talks to you—and have estimated the total cost of components to be $21.77; the iPod Shuffle retails for $79. Setting aside the additional costs of the little music player, such as industrial design and programming, that represents only 28 percent of its retail price. The… Read More

  • People sure are buying the new iPod shuffle

    Well, those new iPod shuffles sure are selling well! Sales of the little digital player went up a whole 50 percent compared to the previous week (when the old model was still kicking about). But the rest of the iPod line? Not as great, no. Read More

  • Review: Apple iPod Shuffle 2K9 with VoiceOver [Update]

    The latest iPod Shuffle to come out of Cupertino has a big hill to climb and, so far, things aren’t looking great. Any which way you look at it, this is a dud, but a magnificent one all the same. For starters, the price to storage ratio is skewed in the wrong direction. One quick look at Amazon and you’ll find a handful of 4GB MP3 players for much cheaper with screens, controls… Read More

  • Hands-on: iPod Shuffle 2K9

    For an Apple product, the new iPod Shuffle is a bit underwhelming in the aesthetics department. It’s tiny, for sure, but I can’t and most likely won’t ever get over the fact that I have to use Apple’s earbuds. What am I supposed to do with my Ultimate Ears and Shures? Read More

  • Klipsch succumbs to the Apple sauce, announces new iPod Shuffle compatible headphones

    What? Like you didn’t see this coming? As expected, the headphone/earbud/in-ear manufacturers are scrambling to get iPod Shuffle compatible headphones to market. The first victim of the whole scam was Scosche and now Klipsch is jumping on the bandwagon with the announcement of their upcoming headphones. Read More

  • OMG, Apple will burn in hell over latest iPod Shuffle

    What has Apple done?! Seriously, Apple, what is going on here? In a desperate attempt to innovate train moving, you have infuriated the masses and are causing hysteria all because the iPod shuffle is tied down to proprietary headphones. After all, there is nothing tech fiends love to do more than spending $79 on a 4GB iPod and then hooking up $349 Shure earbuds. New Shuffle……..No way will… Read More

  • iPod rumors: more memory, less price, GPS?

    We know Apple recently warned their resellers to stock up on certain items, in expectation of an inventory and manufacturing crunch. As the supply chain stabilizes itself, rumors abound about what it all means. Most tend to believe that the upcoming iPods will feature larger storage and at cheaper prices. Considering the success of the iPhone 3G, that should be a given. The iPod touch, features… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $494 gets you a 33GB iPod

    Confused? Amazon is offering the 32GB iPod Touch for $494 and as an added bonus you get a free 1GB Shuffle. Nice. Amazon Read More

  • Apple slashes price on 1GB iPod Shuffle, introduces 2GB model

    We’re still waiting for the price cut on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but Apple cut the price of the Shuffle from $79 to $49 for the 1GB model. A 2GB model will be available later this month for $69. Product Page Read More

  • Arriva Creates Noggin-Mounted iPod Shuffle

    Colorado-based Arriva throws its hat in the “wireless” headphone ring with something that looks vaguely like an iPod Shuffle attached to a pipe cleaner attached to ear buds. Yes, dealing with headphone cords while on a treadmill can be a hassle. That’s a given. However, reaching behind your head and fumbling around for the next track button seems like it would look a bit odd… Read More

  • Corega Portable iPod Shuffle Speakers

    The iPod Shuffle is among my favorite DAPs, mainly because I listen to the same ~100 songs over and over again and have no need for higher-capacity DAPs. But if I ever wanted to share my favorite songs with someone else, I’d need something like these tiny speakers from Corega Japan. Clearly they’re not intended to “raise the roof” or anything, what with they’re… Read More