ipod shuffle 2k9

  • Shuffle 2k9 dissected

    As is expected to happen with any new Apple product, iFixit has torn the poor bugger to pieces and documented the whole process. With the Shuffle 2k9, it’s nearly as complicated as taking apart a MacBook or anything like that, so it’s a relatively short process. They pry it open like a little chrome oyster, and find a board and battery inside, just like they expected. Where’s… Read More

  • Hands-on: iPod Shuffle 2K9

    For an Apple product, the new iPod Shuffle is a bit underwhelming in the aesthetics department. It’s tiny, for sure, but I can’t and most likely won’t ever get over the fact that I have to use Apple’s earbuds. What am I supposed to do with my Ultimate Ears and Shures? Read More