ipod classic

  • Steve Jobs Reportedly Says "No Plans" To Discontinue iPod Classic

    The iPod Classic is one of those Mac products that, like the Mac mini, is constantly rumored to be facing its imminent demise. But, the 160 GB classic still hangs in there — its magnetic drive and scroll wheel offering the capacity that none of its flash-based siblings can’t even hold a candle to. A reader told MacRumors that he received an email from Steve Jobs in response to… Read More

  • iPod Classic might get Genius brain

    Crave is reporting that the poor old iPod Classic may get Genius playlist creation through an upcoming firmware update that may give the Classic a little more respect after the launch of the iPod Nano and the 2G Touch. No mention at all was made of Classic updates, saddening fanbois from here to Tokyo. Here’s hoping. Read More