iPod cases

  • Review: iFrogz Timbre earbuds w/mic and Luxe case for iPod touch

    Short Version: What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate iFrogz’s Timbre headphones w/mic and their iPod touch 2G & 3G Luxe case. In a nutshell, the Timbre headphones (which work with both the iPhone and iPod touch) provide decent audio playback, a reasonably comfortable fit (thanks to the three different ear bud choices), and the convenience of a built-in microphone… Read More

  • Kickster iPod nano case designed by users

    This is a pretty impressive feat of design work by a community of iPod nano users over at Quirky.com. The Kickster is a $14.35 iPod nano case that features a hard shell, cord wrap, and a kickstand that bends outward for use on a tabletop or swings downward to double as a hand grip while using the iPod nano to shoot video footage. Read More

  • And now, a plethora of new iPod cases from Belkin

    The introduction of new iPod models means new iPod cases as far as the eye can see. One of the bigger players in the cutthroat game of portable device protection is Belkin and, true to form, the company’s announced about a skillion upcoming products for your perusal. Read More

  • Wrappz decorates your laptops, iPods, and game consoles

    As a college student, I’ve seen all sorts of junk on laptop cases, from fraternity stickers and sports team logos to presidential candidates and cause-related stickers. London-based Wrappz has tapped into this market providing covers for laptops, iPods, and game consoles. Read More

  • Review: Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case

    The Otterbox Armor Series iPod Touch case is waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof while at the same time allowing access to most of the Touch’s functions. While the extra added bulk might scare some people off, those who need maximum protection at a not-too-shabby price will appreciate this case. Read More