• The ROI Of iCloud Photo Storage

    The ROI Of iCloud Photo Storage

    “When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind, I don’t consider the bloody ROI.” Read More

  • Four Handy Tools To Workaround – Or Ditch! – Apple’s iPhoto

    Four Handy Tools To Workaround – Or Ditch! – Apple’s iPhoto

    iPhoto and iCloud, despite being the default photo application and accompanying syncing service that much of the Apple universe uses regularly, are actually kind of awful. iPhoto is slow and bulky. iCloud is limited, and more expensive than many competitors’ cloud storage services when you need to upgrade. And yet, we’re stuck with them…or are we? Fortunately, there are… Read More

  • Apple’s iPhoto For iOS Tops 1 Million Users

    Apple’s iPhoto For iOS Tops 1 Million Users

    With a metric that’s bound to make mobile app developers jealous, Apple has confirmed that its newly launched iOS-compatible version of iPhoto hit the 1 million user mark, only 10 days after its release. That’s not app downloads, mind you, but unique users. Given the app’s universal nature, it’s likely that many are installing it at least twice – once on the… Read More

  • iPhoto Finally Makes Its Debut On The iPad And iPhone

    iPhoto Finally Makes Its Debut On The iPad And iPhone

    Apple has managed to translate their popular GarageBand and iMovie apps into impressive iPad experiences, and now it’s iPhoto’s turn to get the iOS treatment. Read More

  • Apple's iPhoto Makes It Way Too Easy To Delete Your Entire Flickr Library

    Apple has long been associated with the saying “it just works”. Well, sometimes it apparently works a little too well, to the point of allowing users to delete their entire Flickr libraries in one fell swoop without really meaning to. Oops. The problem stems from the way Apple’s popular iPhoto software is integrated with Flickr. Recent versions of iPhoto allow users to… Read More

  • iLife '09: Faces and Places

    The new version if iLife will include a new version of iPhoto with facial recognition called Faces, allowing you to select images based on the faces of the subjects. Another system, called Places, uses embedded GPS data to place your subjects on a map. Read More

  • Apple and Google Adding Geotagging to iPhoto, Perhaps More

    If you dig through the code of iPhoto’s app bundle, you’ll find something rather new and telling: references to Google Maps, and a hidden “show” button. This means Apple is probably planning on a new tool for iPhoto that can take the GPS info from your photos exif data and auto-link it to Google Maps, perhaps even browsable from within iPhoto itself. That in-and-of… Read More