• Review: Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AbD9LAA%5D I am more than willing to suspend my disbelief in all manner of situations. I, for example, still believe that my family and wife love me and that the world is not colluding to to kill me. I believe that what I am writing now matters, to some degree, and that it will help you in your day-to-day existence. I also believe that I will eventually return to… Read More

  • Burn, iPhone, burn there's a riot going on

    A young British lad owns an iPhone. That iPhone overheats and melts while docked. He calls CarphoneWarehouse (Can’t they change the name? Brits?) and they tell him the melting is cosmetic. He calls AppleCare and they don’t care. He waits. He wonders. We sit on the edges of our seats, pondering the global implications of millions of melty iPhones. UPDATE – Bloops! It’s a… Read More

  • iPhone: Complete and utter pwnage

    http://www.viddler.com/player/707bd9da/ The iPhoneDevTeam has released Pwnage for the Mac and PC, allowing you to upload almost any firmware including the beta 1.2 floating around these parts. I’m going to say I’m a big weenie and not install this until I’ve had a bit more coffee but rest assured our bLOLging brethren at AOL have already ridden this horse out of town, around… Read More

  • It's on: AT&T Mobility's CEO lets slip round timeframe for 3G iPhone at CTIA

    More 3G iPhone fun coming from CTIA, where the lads at Giz overheard a conversation between AT&T Mobility’s CEO Ralph de la Vega and PC Magazine’s Sascha Segan. See, de la Vega mentioned that all of AT&T’s smart integrated devices would be 3G within a couple months. Segan asked if that included the iPhone, and de la Vega just repeated what said before, adding… Read More

  • Nexis search reveals little interest in Sprint Instinct compared to iPhone

    Hi-res version of ‘iphone’ results Sprint’s Instinct is supposed to be one of the better iPhone pretenders. Biggs lauded its user interface while simultaneously panning other n’er do wells for their haphazard use of haptic or multitouch-for-multitouch’s sake. So you would think the phone, which is, nearest I can tell, one of the standouts at this year’s… Read More

  • Problems in Apple stock point to upcoming iPhone upgrade?

    Sadly, this is the only one left. Analysts are predicting that a new 3G iPhone will appear sooner than later based on supply problems at 20 Apple retail stores nationwide. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster called a number of Apple stores and found that most had no iPhones in stock. Because the supply lead time for Apple is about seven days, this is highly unusual and either points to… Read More

  • iPhone users are young, smug, and rich

    A new study by Rubicon Consulting finds that most iPhone users are very satisfied with their purchase that the most popular application is e-mail. 75% of iPhone users claim to do more mobile web browsing and many are disappointed by the limitations of Mobile Safari. The study also found that 50% of iPhones replaced standard cellphones and that the iPhone was the first phone for 10% of users. Read More

  • Versus: iPhone and the Samsung Instinct

    The juicy phone from CTIA that’s getting all the hot press so far today is the Samsung Instinct for Sprint, the phone our own John Biggs said could rival the iPhone itself. That’s tough talk, but what do the numbers show? Let’s break down what we know about each phone and lay the specs side by side and see if the feature-rich Instinct is any match for the game-changing iPhone. Read More

  • iPhone Firmware 2.0 now on Waffles.fm

    Supposedly iPhone Firmware 2.0 is now on the Waffles.fm BitTorrent tracker. It is April Fools Day, the day when everyone gets to be a little silly, so I don’t know if it’s real or not just yet. I’ll hand it off to John so he can test it out as soon as it finishes downloading. Read More

  • Exclusive: First 3G iPhone hands-on

    I can’t say much about this right now but you will be amazed and trust me, it’s not what you think. Ben has one as well. Read More

  • The iPhone is finally coming to Canadia. Or not. Or it is.

    Usually we like to write posts that have some sort of certainty about them, “iPhones have multitouch!” or things of that nature. For this, we cannot, as the point of the article is the unknown nature of the iPhone in Canadia. Everyone sort of assumed it would go to Rogers, as Rogers is Canadia’s only real nationwide GSM provider. But if that’s the case, it should… Read More

  • iPhone completely crax0red? PWNED available next week

    What may be the deepest crack yet for the iPhone is coming out today next week for your perusal. It takes over “the lowest layers of Apple’s device,” allowing for unsigned, custom firmware to be dropped in. That’s more than allowing custom apps, that’s allowing for a whole different OS to be put on there, or maybe even give it the power to warm up your food. Read More

  • ┬┐Mexico getting iPhone in June?

    [photopress:mexico.jpg,full,center] Attention Hombres: the iPhone is coming to Mexico via Telcel in June, or so says the El Universal newspaper. Telcel has 72% of the Mexican cellular market, and landing the iPhone should boost that even higher. We’re looking at a late-June launch, likely the last Friday of, as that’s when the original iPhone was launched and when we think the… Read More

  • New iPhone firmware for developers really a minor upgrade

    [photopress:dsc00203er9.jpg,full,center] Appearing to be nothing more than a maintenance release, a new version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware (really 1.2, but we’re not getting into that here) was seeded to devs this week, version 5A225c. It’s got minor changes to the previous version, including icon updates and a few other minor tweaks, and is likely more stable. If you’re… Read More

  • 3G iPhone due this summer, says some dude

    [photopress:14918_large.jpg,full,left]We know who’s making the next iPhone, and now we know when. Kinda. Bank of America analysts have it on good word that May will see the first building of the 3G version of the iPhone, with a June ship date. This makes sense, it’d be exactly a year after the first iPhones shipped. No word on pricing or if there would be a… Read More

  • Asian manufacturer secures contract to build new iPhones

    Reuters is reporting that Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has been tapped by Apple to produce their next iPhone. An internal source said that Hon Hai is the exclusive manufacturer and analysts believe that the news iPhone will appear as early as May, provided Hon Hai doesn’t get burned on this deal for leaking information. Read More

  • Pair charged with stealing 332 iPhone from Apple Store

    [photopress:iphoneburglar.jpg,full,left]A pair of fools from Salem, MA, have found themselves in jail after stealing 332 iPhones from the Apple Store they worked for and selling them on the black market. Thinking they’d never get caught, the thieves stole and sold for months before being caught. For those keeping score at home, the grand total of their heists: $132,468. Read More

  • Sling Media confirms it has iPhone SDK, weighing options for iPhone version

    [photopress:slingboxiphonesdk.jpg,full,center] The rumor that Sling Media is working on an iPhone-compatible version of its Sling software refuses to die. In speaking with iLounge, Dave Zatz (of Zatz Not Funny fame, now at Sling Media) confirmed that Sling Media has an iPhone SDK and that’s it’s currently planning what move to make next. “We know it’s [iPhone] a hot… Read More

  • Apple comes to agreement with Japanese "aiphone" maker

    A Nagoya-based company, Aiphone, just announced that they have come to an agreement with Apple on using the iPhone name in Japan. Nervous Nellie types are thinking this means a 3G iPhone is coming like TOMORROW and it will totally kick ass. People: there is no reason to sell the 3G iPhone in Asia before they sell it in the US. Asia is saturated with so many cool devices that it would be… Read More