• Arkados brings home automation to the iPhone

    Arkados is a company that makes a pretty nifty set of chips that are often used in home automation products by third party companies, among other things. If you have any kind of integrated sound system or automated control deck than you might be using Arkados’s technology without even knowing it. To take advantage of this, Arkados has released a reference design for making… Read More

  • Hey, Egypt, Greece, India… are you ready for some iPhone?

    Riddle me this… is it 3G? Vodaphone just announced that it will be selling the iPhone — an iPhone — in Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey. Man. Now that’s what I call a roll out. None of this pussy-footing around with Germany and the UK. That’s a man’s roll-out, friends. Now about… Read More

  • T-Mobile Austria confirms 3G iPhone, 3 models in the works

    T-Mobile Austria made an announcement earlier today that they would soon be getting a UMTS version of the iPhone, putting them on a short list of countries to get the 3G version. The previous rumors of multiple iPhone models is being backed up by another article posted by derStandard. The translation is obviously lax, but what I’ve been able to glean is that an announcement will be made… Read More

  • Rumor: Chinese text entry in iPhone on the way?

    Now this is pretty cool. Build 5A258f of the new iPhone firmware will include Chinese input methods using handwriting recognition. Sadly, this only works with Chinese and not Japanese or even English. Chinese iPhone soon? I’d bet on it. Read More

  • Bloops: No more free AT&T Wi-Fi in Starbucks

    MacRumors is reporting that the free AT&T Wi-Fi is now gone at locations that had been verified earlier. No one knows if this was intentional or not but someone pulled a plug somewhere. Maybe it’s planned as something to head off the 3G iPhone? Read More

  • AP launches iPhone-targeted news service

    It’s like a newspaper in your phone. I like the idea of location-targeted news from the Associated Press coming straight to my iPhone (and probably iPod Touch); it’s like the local page from your newspaper, but without the cow-tipping updates. A lot of the big news corporations are on board, which means you won’t be getting locked out of good local content. There will, of… Read More

  • Is this the 3G iPhone?

    How is it that the Frenchies get their mitts on a 3G iPhone before anyone else? Does this even look real? Read More

  • iPhone case makers "leak" some iPhone 3G specs

    It seems that some iPhone accessory makers have been working off of reference designs, shown here, that describe some sort of new iPhone. While no one is sure if this is the 3G model, the level of detail is fairly compelling — excelt for the image of the bottom with no speaker holes. Remember that case makers thrive on be able to launch product as soon as the device is available, which… Read More

  • Blackberry Storm to kill iPhone

    RIM’s new touchscreen phone (technically the 9000), now called the Storm, is lined up to kill the iPhone the same way you can kill Dracula in Castlevania — you know he’s just going to come back in the next game. RIM registered BlackberryStorm.com in 2007 and then grabbed the rest of the domains in 2008. RIM has been taking all sorts of interviews lately, stopping short of… Read More

  • CrackBerry: Ten reasons the iPhone isn't a Blackberry

    Blackberry users, like our own Peter Ha, are a crazy, insane, disturbed, deranged, and unbalanced set of psychos. They love their wittle-bitty smartphones to death, literally. My downstairs neighbor just retired his third in a year. And you know they hate the iPhone. So much, that the people at CrackBerry.com came up with ten reasons why the iPhone isn’t the Blackberry. Curiously absent… Read More

  • Adobe selling Flash for mobiles for zero dollars

    Those jokers down at Adobe are making a play for more of the mobile market by launching what they call the “Open Screen Project.” Don’t get ahead of yourself there, Adobe. It’s a bit of an indulgent name considering Flash is hardly an open format. Still, it’s hard to criticize them for putting it out there for anyone to take — no charge. Very nice. They… Read More

  • Free iPhone Wi-Fi from AT&T

    Get thee to a Starbucks for ye shall be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi access at over 7,000 stores (soon) along with some Barnes and Noble shops. A special page pops up when you try to log on and you type in your phone number to use the Internet. Apparently all you really need is an AT&T phone number so you can try this on any device, something that AT&T is probably scrambling to fix… Read More

  • AT&T will subsidize 3G iPhone: As low as $199 for subscribers

    Apple and AT&T will cut $200 off the price of the iPhone 3G when it arrives this summer. The phones should hit at $399 and $499 for 8 and 16-gigabyte versions and the subsidy should drop the price to as low as $199. Fortune has also pseudo-confirmed a GPS chip inside the new phone. Read more iPhone coverage here Read More

  • Video iPhone wallpaper with vWallpaper

    vWallpaper is a new app that lets you play .mov video files in the Springboard background, adding just another layer of UI confusion to the beast that is the unlocked iPhone. It seems to work fine and you can only play one video at a time, with sound. Hit the jump for another sample. You can add it to Installer.app by adding the repository i.danstaface.net and videos go into /Library/Skrew/Videos. Read More

  • Rogers bringing iPhone to Canada

    After months of speculation, Rogers revealed in their Q1 earnings report that they will be bringing the iPhone to Canada later this year. Pricing and other details were not disclosed. Read More

  • Foxconn building 24-25 million 3G iPhones, basically confirms June/July launch

    Are you ready world? Because the 3G iPhone is on its way and its going to take you and your mom to the hospital to visit your grandma and it’ll feed your cat while you’re in Florida. Seriously. It’s that great. Foxconn thinks so at least, because they’re very proud to be assembling 24-25 million units this year, news I’m sure Apple isn’t very happy that… Read More

  • Rumor Mill, please stop: Apple, Immersion met to discuss haptic for iPhone

    Apple and Immersion met twice last week to discuss the possibility of incorporating haptic technology into future versions of the iPhone. How do we know? Well, we don’t, duh, but what else can be gleamed from the purported meetings? Immersion and Samsung worked together to bring haptic to the Sprint Instinct. As the great comedian Louis CK once ranted, not everyone is enthralled with… Read More

  • That glossy iPhone photo? Yeah, that's just a case, thanks.

    Just a clarification on that photo that shows a glossy black iPhone. While the original rumor suggested that the new iPhone will indeed have a glossy black finish, the photo in question more than likely is just a case. So while the next iPhone may well have a glossy black finish, that particular image ain’t it. Happy trails. via MacRumors Read More

  • Should RIM bother to target BlackBerry at consumers?

    RIM may have a bit of a problem on its hands, says today’s New York Times. The BlackBerry manufacturer, it seems, doesn’t know which segment of the smartphone market to cater to: the Wall Street crowd or the everyday consumer, both of which have very different demands from each other. While the typical business executive couldn’t give a damn if his or her BlackBerry comes… Read More

  • 3G iPhone secretly out and it's glossy fabu

    Some super secret iPhone testers have seen the next generation iPhone and they’re reporting real GPS, 3G, and a big thicker design. The back of the phone is gloss black and the volume buttons are chrome and the headphone socket isn’t recessed. Should you buy an iPhone right now, in any case? I’d say no. Looks like the 3G version is coming as early as July. Read More