• Singapore Airlines adds iPod docks to business class

    Aside from gorgeous flight attendants (gah!), Singapore Airlines is now offering iPod and iPhone connectivity to business class passengers on flights between New York and Singapore. Flights between Los Angeles and Singapore will get the same feature some time in August of this year. According to a recent press release, The integrated 9-pin connection on KrisWorld uses a unique in-flight… Read More

  • WSJ reveals launch date for BlackBerry Thunder

    After the BGR first announced to the world that Verizon and Vodafone would have exclusivity to the Thunder, the WSJ did a little more digging and managed to find out that the device will launch in Q3. That’s it for now. Read More

  • Take the iPhone quiz! Why? Because!

    Reader Will sent us this iPhone Knowledge quiz he put together in a matter of minutes using something called SomeTests.com. I figure it’s a Friday, you guys might be bored, and you might enjoy doing a test, so here you go. Read More

  • One iPhone per customer rule lifted: Three iPhones for you at AT&T

    AT&T has lifted the ban on purchasing more than one iPhone at a time, although they are requiring you to use a credit card when paying in the “West Region,” wherever that is. But there’s a catch. We quote: “Directors or VPGMs must approve customers who would like to purchase more than 3 iPhones via the exception process as defined by the market where the purchase… Read More

  • Mystery solved: AT&T's iPhone Wi-Fi is coming, but not ready yet

    We received this internal memo to AT&T employees describing a failed launch today of AT&T’s WiFi service. From the memo: “The iPhone Wi-Fi offer that was scheduled to launch today has been canceled. Nothing has been announced by the company to our customers and will not impact existing customers. Additional communication will be provided if the status the project… Read More

  • Sprint is killing the Instinct with cheesy advertising

    I like the Instinct. Biggs likes the Instinct. However, Sprint doesn’t seem to like the Instinct because of the cheesy comparison videos they continue to put up on their site. Must everything be compared to the iPhone? Really? Did the memo about the iPhone 2 not make its way around the Sprint advertising department? Almost every video… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: AT&T offers up refurbished iPhones, tells employees to limit one per customer

    The headline is understandably a bit misleading, but I’ll clarify here. A new batch of refurbished 8GB and 16GB iPhones has arrived at AT&T’s online store for $249 and $349, respectively. On another note, the BGR received an internal AT&T memo stating that customers are only allowed one iPhone. May 14, 2008
    Urgent Breaking News Please log in to My CSP before
    selecting any… Read More

  • Keep seldom-used membership cards in your iPhone

    Behold! The future! I suppose this might work with any relatively large-screened phone, but let’s use the iPhone as an example. A guy in the Netherlands has scanned all of his membership cards into his iPhone — any membership cards that require a simple scanning of the barcode, that is. Smart, smart, smart. “The cards are stored as images in an iPhoto album that is synced… Read More

  • SwissCom confirms iPhone is coming

    SwissCom, who you’ll remember offered some potential pricing for the 3G iPhone, confirmed it is getting said iPhone “later this year.” Their exact words: Later this year, the iPhone available. We will inform you personally as soon as news. I’ve worked with SwissCom in the past and those boys wouldn’t inform you you were on fire unless they had a sworn… Read More

  • Swisscom: 32GB 3G iPhone will come in silver, black, or white

    Swisscom inadvertantly posted prices for 3G iphones including a 16GB model for 659 Swiss francs ($637) and a $772 32GB model in silver, black, or white. There is also some information about the Swiss tariffs, but those are not for us to understand or care about. Interestingly enough, I’ll be in Europe this summer so maybe I’ll go and get me a Swiss iPhone. Read More

  • Hey, Mario, wanna to mounta youra iPhonea to youra bike?

    i’m just going to go nuts here and paste this straight from the product page: Wanna to have music with your bike? How you could do that? A possible way is to have an armband, but this way will make your music (screen) device not visible and turn your device to a pure music device (e.g. if it has GPS, you may be not able to view it in the front). Here is a way that may help. It is designed… Read More

  • Schmap launches city guide web app for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Schmap, publisher of over 200 free online travel guides, has opened access to their guides for iPhone and iPod Touch users by way of a remarkably nifty web application. The guides cover cities throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and provide information on everything from the city’s historical background to the best places to get your drink on. As portrayed in… Read More

  • Black iPhone is an urban legend

    We did a little research and found lots of phones on AT&T’s website were reporting a “Black” version. Clearly this is a shopping cart glitch and not proof-positive of a chupacabra like 3G iPhone in the wild. Read More

  • Car vs. iPhone: Who shall be the victor?

    Umm… looks like the car won. Reader Meir ran over his iPhone with a Mercedes — if you’re going to destroy your phone, do it in style, people — and quickly hopped out to retrieve the device, now artfully crazed like a 18th century glazed ceramic chamber pot. His story: A couple of days ago, due to a series of very unfortunate events my iPhone
    found itself being driven… Read More

  • Second gen iPhone screengrab shows 3G data toggle

    If this screenshot is legit, then you’ll be able to turn 3G data off to conserve battery life on the new iPhone. Apple sure has thought of everything, huh? The image was posted on a blog called Chronic Productions which, after a cursory search, appears to have little (if anything) to do with Dr. Dre and more to do with software development. AppleInsider reminds us all that Steve Jobs… Read More

  • Car vs. iPhone: Who shall win?

    Umm… looks like the car won. Reader Meir ran over his iPhone with a Mercedes — if you’re going to destroy your phone, do it in style, people — and quickly hopped out to retrieve the device, now artfully crazed like a 18th century glazed ceramic chamber pot. His story: A couple of days ago, due to a series of very unfortunate events my iPhone
    found itself being driven… Read More

  • Apple: No cash for iPhones at the Apple store

    There aren’t many iPhones left, as many note, but if you do find one and you want to purchase it, you’re going to need a credit card. It’s not for the activation or anything of that sort, but Apple requires you to use a marked form of payment for the transaction to help eliminate scalpers, a problem it’s had between itself and AT&T. According to Apple it does this… Read More

  • Apple store out of iPhones…

    Guys: this TOTALLY means there’s going to be a new iPhone next week. I don’t care what you say: they wouldn’t pull the hottest device since the ventricle stent and not have something lined up for release… unless Apple is going out of business, Crazy Eddie style. What think ye? n {democracy:33} Read More

  • AT&T pulls offer of free Wi-Fi for iPhone users, again

    Yesterday, we mentioned that AT&T was once again pitching free Wi-Fi hotspot service to iPhone users. Well, it seems like AT&T just can’t make up their mind; any mention of free hotspot access has since been pulled. We’re still waiting to hear back from AT&T on this one. Read More

  • Raging Thunder: Red hot iPhone/Touch racing game

    This is more of a proof of concept but Raging Thunder shows what the iTouch is actually capable of. The game uses the accelerometer to move the car on the screen — kind of wonky — but look at the lens flare effects. Amazing stuff and it should be indicative of what we can expect from the SDK soon. Windows Mobile/Symbian take note. People are definitely going to be programming… Read More