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  • iPhone OS 4.0 Looms, But When Will We See It?

    Apple has set the standard that once every year they will release a new version of the iPhone. It stands to reason that this year will be no different, with a new model likely coming sometime this summer. But arguably just as important as Apple’s hardware refresh is the accompanying software refresh that comes with it as well. And that’s why it shouldn’t be surprising at all… Read More

  • Why No iPhone Updates? The Tablet, Perhaps.

    It’s been over three months since Apple last updated the iPhone OS to version 3.1.2. And while that’s not an unheard of amount of time between updates, it is quite a bit of time to go without any word that a new update is coming soon. Why? It could be because Apple doesn’t want to tip its hand about any information about the upcoming tablet, a new report today… Read More

  • iPhone OS on a touchscreen monitor, multi-touch and all

    Now this is the hack of the weekend or the hoax of the weekend. Some intrepid hackers have run what appears to be iPhone OS 2.x on a “multi-touch” monitor with accelerometer support. I’ve found a few examples of monitors that could potentially pull this off but I haven’t been able to pin down a model number. However, because iPhone OS is basically a Linux Mach kernel… Read More