iphone os 2.1

  • iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Hands-On [Update]

    After refreshing developer.apple.com 347923691423964 times I could finally manage to download the beta version of the iPhone OS 3.0. It is available only for those in possession of a developer account and a registered iPhone in the developer program. So no, you should not download this from torrent, it will have your iPhone wiped and locked, inactivated unless you have a dev account. Anyway… Read More

  • Apple hands out Push Notification Service API to developers, background apps FTW!

    My biggest gripe with the iPhone thus far has been the inability to run apps in the background. It’s something I’ve become accustomed to after having been a loyal Sidekick user and now BlackBerry user. Sure, Apple’s argument against it makes perfect sense, but it’s a necessity for power users like you and me. It was revealed at WWDC that Apple would soon push out a… Read More