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  • A Tale Of Two iPhones

    A Tale Of Two iPhones

    A new iPhone is approaching — this, everyone knows. While WWDC came and went without an announcement, this was expected. Instead, this year it will be all about the fall — with new hardware hitting just in time for the formal launch of iOS 5. But what exactly will the new hardware be? An “iPhone 5” or an “iPhone 4S”? Or, better yet, both? That’s… Read More

  • Apple, Verizon Wireless sitting in a tree: ‘iPhone lite,’ multimedia tablet en route to VZW?

    A fascinating bit of Apple gossip for your Tuesday morning, gossip that piggybacks on the never-going-to-die “iPhone on Verizon Wireless?” rumor. Does an “iPhone lite” interest you? Or perhaps a “media pad that would let users listen to music, view photos, and watch high-definition videos” that makes calls using Wi-Fi? Read More