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  • Gillmor Gang on the Vanishing Television Windowing System

    Gillmor Gang 3.26.11 (TCTV)

    This week’s Gillmor Gang started off with a bunch of no-shows from Mike Arrington and Robert Scoble. Don’t know what happened to Mike, but @scobleizer was sandbagged by a rehearsal request for Ted X, whatever that is. So we hunkered down with Danny Sullivan, Kevin Marks, and John Taschek for a rousing trouncing of the vanishing television windowing system, as performed by… Read More

  • Reports: Nearly Twice As Many Androids Shipped Last Quarter As iPhones

    In a report that is raising eyebrows this morning, UK-based market research firm Canalys estimates that total shipments of Android phones in the U.S. during the third quarter were nearly twice as large as iPhone shipments. Out of 20.9 million smartphones shipped in the U.S., about 44 percent, or 9.1 million, are running the Android OS. Apple, shipped an estimated 5.5 million phones, or… Read More

  • The Video Phone Comes Of Age: One Fifth Of American Adults Have Made A Video Call

    The idea of video phone calls goes back to at least 1969 when AT&T developed it’s famous Picturephone which went nowhere (the concept was actually been kicking around a lot earlier). But now with Skype video calls on your laptop and FaceTime on your iPhone, video calls are finally gaining acceptance. A new Pew Internet survey finds that 19 percent of American adults have made some… Read More