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The iPhone 7 goes red to help fight HIV/AIDS

After a decade of turning products red in a fundraising fight against HIV/AIDS, Apple has finally adopted the hue for its biggest product of all. This Friday, the company will start selling a striking

Apple’s new ad shows off the Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8mR33cp_Fk Just in time for the Golden Globes Awards on Sunday, Apple released a brand new ad showing off what you can do with the Portrait mode that works with the iP

Tim Cook ‘not sure’ Apple will meet iPhone 7 Plus demand by the end of the year

Apple is working to match the demand for the iPhone 7 Plus as best as it can, but it might not meet all the demand by the end of the year, CEO Tim Cook said on the investor call discussing its fourth-

Here’s what you can do with the crazy new Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has just released iOS 10.1 with a Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. This feature takes advantage of the two lenses to generate background blur and make your photos look more like photos comin

Apple releases iOS 10.1 with the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait mode

Apple has just released the first significant update for iOS 10. As expected, the main focus of iOS 10.1 is that insane Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. The update is rolling out and is available

Apple just dropped the first iOS beta for the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait mode

Surprise! You thought you were done with iOS 10 beta for a while? Apple already released the iOS 10.1 beta 1 for developers. This beta has one new feature in particular — the Portrait mode that take

Hands on with the iPhone 7 Plus’ crazy new Portrait mode

It’s a software feature that uses the two lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus to create the look and feel of an image shot with portrait settings on a camera with a telephoto lens. Simply put: a pleasin

These IndyCar pictures show how important the new iPhone’s dual lenses will be to photographers

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launched last week, and one of the most hyped features has been the camera(s). This is especially true with the 7 Plus, which now has two cameras — one wide angle and on

8 devices other than the iPhone 7 Plus that used dual cameras — with varying success

The new iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with a pair of cameras where there once was only one. But while Apple's implementation is, of course, special and unique, it's not the first dual-camera setup by a lo