iphone 4g

  • Poll: Will it be the iPhone HD, iPhone 4G or something else?

    Everyone agrees that Apple will announce the next iPhone later today. but what’s it going to be called? You know as much as we do at this point. My money is on iPhone HD, but that’s based off of nothing besides pure speculation. Apple could opt for the 4G monikor if it indeed packs the goods for the next-gen network. Or it could be something entirely different. Leave your guess… Read More

  • First pictures of WWDC surface

    The logo is up and the banners hung at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. That means Apple is in town getting ready for another exciting WWDC. Read More

  • New iPhone 4G videos appear and show off all the sexy parts

    Mmmm gadget p0rn. What a nice way to return from an extended holiday weekend. There’s one more after the jump. Read More

  • iPhone 4G rendered in delicious colors

    Does Apple still have it in them to think different and out a multicolor iPhone 4G? If so, this is what it would look like. Too bad Apple’s latest designs are the modern day equivalent to the beige computer tower. Read More

  • iPhone 4G casings begin to leak

    There’s not much to say here. It’s somewhat of a normal affair to have cases leak of upcoming Apple products before the actual announcement. We would then go on to speculate about upcoming features and form factor based on said case, but we already know all about the iPhone 4G. There’s really nothing a silicon case can add to the conversation. Move along. Read More

  • An iPod touch with 2MP cam appears in Vietnam

    What’s going on in Vietnam? Unannounced Apple products seem to be falling from the sky. The same group that released the second round of iPhone 4G pics got their hands on an iPod touch with a 2MP rear-facing camera. The DVT-1 stamp clearly states that it’s not a production model, but rather a pre-production or prototype model, suggesting that this boy might not ever get a release. Read More

  • Yet another round of iPhone 4G pics appear

    Apple! You’re leaking! Yet more photos of your upcoming iPhone have hit the Internet after the first two leaks. What’s great is that they don’t show anything new, which makes us wonder how the upcoming keynote is going to play out. Maybe you could just have an open bar and pre-screen Toy Story 3. That would be fun. Read More

  • Another iPhone 4G prototype shows up, bares all including Apple's own A4 chip

    This is just silly now. Another iPhone has leaked onto the Internet. What kind of ship does Steve Jobs run over there at Apple? This time around they aren’t going to be able to bust down the owner/seller/stealer’s door seeing as it all went down in Vietnam. Then again, anything is possible with the Apple gestapo. But somehow a Vietnamese website got a hold of the device. The back… Read More

  • Next Question: Are The Police After Gawker Or The Person Who Took The iPhone?

    Next Question: Are The Police After Gawker Or The Person Who Took The iPhone?

    So yeah, that just happened. Friday evening, police raided the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen. Their mission? To search the premise and confiscate all items that could be related to the supposed theft of the next generation iPhone prototype. Ever since it initially broke, this story has been fascinating for a number of reasons, and new ones continue to reveal themselves. What may be… Read More

  • A Next Generation iPhone Walks Into A Bar…

    A Next Generation iPhone Walks Into A Bar…

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a guy walks into a bar. No, a guy walks into a bar with an iPhone. No, a guy walks into a bar with a next-generation iPhone disguised as a current-generation iPhone. No, a guy walks into a bar with his next-generation iPhone disguised as a current-generation iPhone and leaves it there. Okay, we’ve never heard anything like this before. Yes… Read More

  • Is this the iPhone 4G IV Next-Gen X screen?

    NowhereElse found this delightful video of someone unpacking a iPhone “4G” screen, presumably sent to them from the same folks who sent something to iResq. The screen basically looks like the standard iPhone 3G screen but a bit longer and thinner. This could either be a prototype, a mistake, or a test screen made by a Chinese company for purposes unknown. However, the music… Read More