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  • Rumor: Apple Preparing Discount iPhone 4 For September

    Rumor: Apple Preparing Discount iPhone 4 For September

    Déjà vu, much? Like Apple’s original strategy for the aging iPhone 3GS, a new report states that Apple is working on an 8GB iPhone 4 to be sold at a discount while the iPhone 5 will sell at a higher price with contract. According to Reuters’s sources, Apple has contracted a Korean firm to manufacture the discount iPhone’s flash drive. Samsung was previously one of… Read More

  • First “Light” iPhone Images Appear

    First “Light” iPhone Images Appear

    And we’re off: the first photos of a “cheap” iPhone – not specifically of the iPhone 5 but of a light version of the iPhone 4 – are beginning to appear, the latest leak coming from a Vietnamese forum, Tinhte. We wouldn’t usually fall for this sort of thing but Tinhte has been correct in the past and so it’s at least worth a quick look. Read More

  • Apple Acquires iPhone4.com And WhiteiPhone.com Domain Names

    Apple Acquires iPhone4.com And WhiteiPhone.com Domain Names

    In our ongoing quest to keep track of which domain names Apple owns – and doesn’t own – we picked this up over at Fusible: the Cupertino tech giant has apparently acquired the domains iPhone4.com and WhiteiPhone.com quite recently. Both domain names have already been forwarded to the iPhone 4 product page, which apparently a lot of people mistake for a 4G phone (according to… Read More

  • For iPhone 4: Japanese Beetle Case

    For iPhone 4: Japanese Beetle Case

    You look for a case for your iPhone 4 but those Hello Kitty ones we showed earlier this week are too girly-girly for you? Then here’s a (quite nasty) alternative: a case with a plastic Dokkiri, a Japanese beetle, glued to it. Read More

  • For iPhone 4: Super-Cute Hello Kitty Cases From Japan

    Tokyo-based Japan Trend Shop, an online store selling unique gadgets and lifestyle products from Nippon, started listing something super-cute today: Hello Kitty-themed protective cases (the site is completely in English) for use with the iPhone 4. Read More

  • Yeah, That Flickr iPhone Data Is Way Off — It's Far More Dominating Than It Seems

    Yeah, That Flickr iPhone Data Is Way Off — It's Far More Dominating Than It Seems

    Earlier today, TUAW noted that according to Flickr’s stats, the iPhone 4 is now the most popular camera across the site. Yes, it has overtaken all those professional cameras, all the point-and-shoots, etc. That’s huge. But the news came with a caveat. And it’s actually a big one. As TUAW notes at the bottom of their post, the caveat is Flickr admitting that they’re… Read More

  • Here's The Best Looking iPhone 4 Clone Yet

    Let’s play a game! Look at the image above and pick the real iPhone 4 from the clone. Right or left? Need more help? Click through for a couple more images. Read More

  • My Dinner Date With The White iPhone

    My Dinner Date With The White iPhone

    There it was. Like the White Tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver. It was 15 feet away from me. The white iPhone. Tonight I was at dinner with a couple of friends when something caught my eye. I cut into our conversation. “Look at the table next to ours. Is that the white iPhone?” Both of my friends, geeks like me, got excited. Yep. Read More

  • The Scosche switchBACK Surge G4 Is An iPhone 4 Battery Case And Kickstand In One

    When it comes to iPhone cases with special tricks up their sleeves (that is, the ones that do more than just protect your handset from the wilds), you usually get one or the other: an external battery, or some sort of clever kickstand system built to prop the iPhone up for movie watchin’. With the just announced switchBACK Surge G4 case, Scosche is lookin’ to cover both bases at once. Read More

  • iPhone 4 About To Be Flickr's Top Camera. Point & Shoots? Pretty Much The Opposite.

    What’s the most popular camera used in terms of pictures taken that are uploaded to Flickr? Right now, it’s the Nikon D90. But in about a month or so, it will be Apple’s iPhone 4. What’s amazing is that D90 is nearly three years old. The iPhone 4 is not even a year old. Just look at a the chart above. The rise has been spectacular. But it’s hardly the first time… Read More

  • The GoPano: A Panoramic Lens System For The iPhone

    There are quite a few panoramic apps for the iPhone but they all require a steady hand, lots of patience and, most important, you can only take still photos. The GoPano aims to solve that by adding a panoramic mirror to the iPhone’s video camera, thereby allowing you to take panoramic video in real time. The GoPano simply snaps onto your iPhone and the included app does the rest. As… Read More

  • Tablet Camera Throwdown: iPad 2 Vs Motorola Xoom

    We have to level with you. The iPad 2 has some flaws. One would only expect that the iPad 2, a device many many months ahead of the iPhone 4, would have an equal or better quality camera. Sadly, it doesn’t. So to see just where the iPad 2 camera ranks with the rest of the meaningful tablets, Macworld thoroughly tests them. Read More

  • Video: Hands-On With An Engineering Prototype 64GB iPhone

    The backstory isn’t exactly detailed, but somehow M.I.C. Gadget got their hands on what seems to be an unreleased 64GB iPhone. All they’re stating is that the phone is not for sale and it was “definitely leaked from Foxconn’s factory in Shenzhen.” True? We don’t know, but it at least seems like the real deal. The backside shows a model number of XXXXX and… Read More

  • The GT5: A Really Good Looking iPhone 4 Clone (Video)

    We’ve been seeing clones of the iPhone 4 for a while now. But this one, this one looks legit. The software is surely garbage, but, you have to admit they’re getting pretty good at copying. The GT5, not named after Grand Turismo 5, is one of many Chinese copycats that no one in the US would ever buy. But hey, it looks good. Read More

  • Milliamp Offers Free Pentalobe Screwdrivers For iPhone 4

    For those who want to crack into their iPhone 4s — certainly voiding the warranty — you may need the pentalobe screwdriver. And it just so happens that Milliamp, a repair service for all of Apple’s mobile devices, has decided to offer the hard to find screwdrivers for free. Read More

  • CafePress Wants To Give You A CrunchGear iPhone 4 Case

    Happy Thursday! CafePress, makers of customized T-shirts and books and mugs and stuff, wants to give you, the fine people of CG, 100 CrunchGear iPhone 4 cases. Why? Because you guys are b to the a to the d to the a to the double snakes, that’s why. This is a random for one of 100 CrunchGear iPhone cases and entering is pretty darn simple. Read More

  • PSA: Covering The iPhone In 4 Feet Of Concrete May Affect Signal Strength

    PSA: Covering The iPhone In 4 Feet Of Concrete May Affect Signal Strength

    Remember “Antennagate“? Oh wait, you don’t? Well let me remind you: it was pretty much the biggest deal ever… for a whole two weeks. Actually, let me rephrase that: it was pretty much the biggest deal ever for some of us in the tech media who were able to write dozens upon dozens of stories about an issue that absolutely no regular person was likely to care… Read More

  • iPhone App Fragmentation FUD Is Looming

    iPhone App Fragmentation FUD Is Looming

    ZDNet ran a story this afternoon with a very provocative headline: Not all iPhone apps work on the Verizon iPhone — fragmentation looming? Oh no! Android was supposed to be the platform with the fragmentation problem, not the iPhone! The end must be near, right? Nah. Author James Kendrick notes that Telenav has just unveiled a version of their turn-by-turn navigation app that will… Read More

  • The Verizon Vs. AT&T Ads Prove One Thing: The iPhone Is Helen Of Troy

    The Verizon Vs. AT&T Ads Prove One Thing: The iPhone Is Helen Of Troy

    The most recent Verizon and AT&T commercials are awesome because everyone loves a good slap fight — especially one that is played out in public (for more evidence, see Google vs. Bing earlier this week). But they’re actually even more interesting under the surface. Because it’s a fight that has only one real winner. But it’s not who you might think. It’s… Read More

  • They're Commercial Fighting! AT&T Shows How Talk And Surf Is Useful

    Yesterday, Verizon launched a commercial campaign to highlight that they now have the iPhone 4 with one important feature: the ability to make calls. While they never mention their competitor (or humorously, even the iPhone itself), it’s clear who this was aimed squarely at: AT&T. But AT&T is not about to take the punches sitting down. Today, they have their own… Read More