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  • Apple considering selling iPhone 3G at college campuses

    Looks like Apple is considering selling the iPhone 3G at top universities throughout the country. The move would be the first by Apple to expand sales of the iPhone outside its own retail stores and AT&T’s; it’d be limited to schools where it already has a significant account and presence. Apple had thought about expanding sales of the iPhone to Best Buy last year, but freaked… Read More

  • People buy iPhone not because it's a great phone, but for all that mobile broadband fun

    Wait, so people buy the iPhone not for the phone, but for the other goodies? I never knew! An analyst at J Arnold & Associates, based in Toronto, says people buy the iPhone not as a phone, per se, but as a mobile broadband platform. Still, the same guy says RIM doesn’t really have anything to worry about re: people switching over to the iPhone in an enterprise market. RIM and… Read More

  • Griffin prepped for iPhone 3G with four cases, more to come

    They might not be new in the product line, but Griffin is prepared with redesigns of their popular Wave, Nu Form, Elan Form and Elan Clip cases for the iPhone 3G. All cases are priced at $24.99 except the Elan Form, which is priced at $29.99. All cases will be available on the Griffin site by end of the month. Apple stores will be stocked on July 11. I think I like the Nu Form the most. Read More

  • Riddle me this: TomTom hints at GPS app for iPhone

    See if you can make sense of this quote from a TomTom spokesperson: Our navigation system runs on the iPhone already. Does that mean TomTom has an application in development for the iPhone App Store? If so, when will it be released? If not, then what exactly was TomTom talking about? My guess, that TomTom didn’t want o seem “hurt” by the inclusion of a GPS chip inside… Read More

  • The iPhone 3G's FCC filing hits the web

    If you’re not iPhone 3G fatigued, as I know I am, then you might want to have a gander at the recently unveiled official FCC filing of the new iPhone. There’s nothing there that we hadn’t seen before, but many of you love FCC and patent filings. That is because you’re nerds, and we’re okay with that. Are you ready for July 11? We know you are. Read More

  • IP3G to stop us unlocking firmware like it's our job – or perhaps that was the point?

    http://www1.funnyordie.com/public/flash/fodplayer.swf?36e2ccefHuman Giant – Corn Chowder w/ Rob Riggle on FunnyOrDie.com With O2 and AT&T reporting contract signings at their respective sales points, I think the idea of an unlocked iPhone 3G will soon become moot. If you can’t get one without signing on the dotted line, what’s the value in pulling it off your local network? Read More

  • New iPhone free for certain O2 customers in the UK

    Aw, lucky!!! New O2 customers in the United Kingdom will be able to grab an 8GB iPhone 3G for free with monthly plans of £45 and up. The required contract is only 18 months, too. Mike Butcher of our TechCrunch UK site says… The news is pretty astounding. From going from a device which costs over £300 to virtually free at POS will supercharge iPhone sales in the UK and make it a real… Read More

  • Microsoft says it doesn't fear iPhone 3G, won't release Zune phone

    First person to understand and explain why I’m using this pic gets an invite to What.cd or Waffles.fm Don’t laugh, but Microsoft says that, as far as 3G phones are concerned, it’s got the iPhone 3G (and BlackBerry) beat. I said don’t laugh, silly! Yup, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, the head of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices… Read More

  • iPhone vs iPhone 3G (rubber version) size comparison

    Being that I’m of Norwegian ancestry, I’m the obvious candidate here at CrunchGear.com for translating web pages written in Chinese, right? Well believe it or not, I don’t understand Chinese, LOL! Luckily a picture’s worth a thousand symbols (that I don’t otherwise recognize), and Hong Kong’s iPhone User Group has a few photos of what appears to be a… Read More

  • Video: Watch the WWDC 2008 keynote, from beginning to end

    http://www.matthickey.com/WWDC2008Keynote.mov Afraid we may have missed something in our coverage of today’s WWDC keynote? Want to see what it’s like to be a cutting edge liveblogger? Or do you just want to relive the history? No matter which is for you, we’ve got you covered. Click the play button above to see the entire event from start to finish. What was your favorite part? Read More

  • With iPhone 3G official, we ask: what about the jailbreaking community?

    Relax, it’s over, we came out of it alright. The iPhone 3G is officialized, and it’s pretty hot. Not just the faster speeds and real GPS, but the forthcoming apps and low price tag make it more a more than drool-worthy piece of hardware. But what about us jailbreakers? Many of use run our iPhones on T-Mobile and run a plethora of free, non-official apps. The dev teams have done… Read More

  • Video: First commercial for iPhone 3G

    http://blip.tv/play/AbyKJwA This commercial played during the keynote, and Arrington shot it live on Qik and took down the servers. Bloops! But now you can see it in high quality without getting anyone fired. Read More

  • Hey, thanks Apple: iPhone 3G’s power adapter is tiny

    Nothing worse than packing a power adapter that’s damn near the size of your actual cell phone. Chalk this one up to the “little things” that makes people like Apple products; the new iPhone has a tiny, tiny power adapter. It looks like it’ll be available as an accessory for the iPhone as well, should you lose the one that comes in the package. I’d assume that… Read More

  • Video: Apple's enterprise video for iPhone 3G

    http://movies.apple.com/405/us/media/apple/iphone/2008/quicktour/iphone_features_enterprise_20080609_r640-9cie.mov This is a little propaganda-like, sure, but it was part of the keynote, and we figured you’d want to see it. Read More

  • AT&T dishes a few more details about its plans for the new iPhone 3G

    Steve and his friends had a great presentation where we saw new apps for a bevy of developers, most of them pretty good looking. But the star of the show was the new iPhone 3G, a slimmer, faster version of the handset we all know and love. I talked to Glenn Lurie from AT&T Mobility earlier to clear up a few lingering questions. Sadly, most of what he told me were qualified “no… Read More

  • Is now the time to buy a first gen iPhone on the cheap?

    Has the announcement of the iPhone 3G, and its $200 starting price, affected prices for the current iPhone? Eh, not really. A quick scan of the Internet—yes, all of it—shows no real deal trends. Gearfuse was able to find one current gen iPhone going for less than $200, and one for $200; the rest are all over the place. The second-hand iPhone market should pick up once July 11… Read More

  • Apple stock price falls amid news of iPhone 3G

    Yahoo! Finance
    Quote for AAPL/ Apple’s stock is about 4% lower (as of 3:45 PM on the east coast) than it started today after Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. Trading opened at $184.92 per share this morning and is currently floating around $178 per share, with a daily high of $184.94 and a daily low of $175.75, according to Yahoo! Read More

  • Complete list of countries set to receive iPhone 3G

    Here’s an overview of the countries that’ll be receiving the new iPhone. On July 11th, the iPhone 3G will be available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and here in the USA. It’ll be “coming… Read More

  • Apple Store is back up, features iPhone 3G

    Apple’s online store has come back up and, although the 3G iPhone is featured on the main page, it’s not yet available for pre-order. There’s just a message saying “iPhone will be available in 8GB (black) and 16GB (black or white) models at Apple Retail Stores and AT&T Stores.” The down and dirty blurb-ish text on the new iPhone is as follows: Introducing… Read More

  • iPhone 3G is real! GPS looks like a killer app

    So it finally happened. Apple today announced the 3G iPhone at WWDC, as was rumored for quite some time. The name is iPhone 3G. The straight dope: • Available on July 11 • $199 for the 8GB model, and $299 for the 16GB • It’s blackish, with the 16GB model also available in white • There’s no cam on the front. Oops. • Built-in GPS will rock Read More