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  • Apple said to be working on AR headset aimed for potential 2020 ship date

    Apple said to be working on AR headset aimed for potential 2020 ship date

    Apple is working on technology that would enable it to build an augmented reality headset by 2019, with shipping targeted for as soon as 2020, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The device would be independent from Apple’s iPhone or other mobile devices, with its own built-in display, OS (dubbed ‘rOS’ internally), and a new custom processor, per the report. Apple CEO… Read More

  • Xiaomi unveils second bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone and new Mi Note phablet

    Xiaomi unveils second bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone and new Mi Note phablet

    It’s the day before iPhone launch and Xiaomi is back at it again with the unveiling of the follow-up to last year’s highly-acclaimed and near-bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone. The Mi Mix 2 keeps the previous design aesthetic — developed by a team led by designer Philippe Starck — but with a slightly smaller six-inch display and improved 18:9 screen resolution. The bezel… Read More

  • AT&T may have fibbed regarding Sling player for iPhone

    Just the other day, AT&T announced that it was able to work with Sling Media in order to optimize Sling player for AT&T’s 3G network. That’s good news for consumers and all, but it appears as though AT&T might have been doing a little posturing to make itself look like the good guy. After all, Sling users were disappointed about the lack of a Sling player on the iPhone… Read More

  • Apple On iPhone Competitors: They're Still Catching Up To The First iPhone

    During Apple’s Q4 earnings call today, a question was asked about how Apple viewed its increased competition for the iPhone in the coming holiday season. In particular, it was asked how Apple views all the new Android phones coming out. Apple COO Tim Cook made Apple’s stance very clear: They’re still catching up with the first iPhone. Yes, Apple views the smartphone market… Read More

  • Apple Isn't Even Bothering To Lie Anymore

    I mean, seriously. Apple’s chief complaint against the Google Voice application was “The application has not been approved because, as submitted for review, it appears to alter the iPhone’s distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone’s core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface for telephone… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone 3G and 3G S officially getting MMS on September 25

    After months of speculation (and frustration) MMS for the iPhone 3G and 3G S is officially arriving on September 25, AT&T has confirmed. This is a full 3 days after summer officially ends (AT&T’s original deadline was “late summer”) as our own MG pointed out earlier today, but like a lot of things with Apple/AT&T, better late than never. AT&T posted the… Read More

  • First Rule Of Apple Earnings Calls: You Do Not Talk About The $99 iPhone

    When Apple announced that it would start selling the iPhone 3G for $99 at this year’s WWDC conference, the room buzzed about the possibility. Finally, there would really be an iPhone for under $100. And so not surprisingly, everyone wants to know how it’s selling. But don’t bother asking Apple about it, because you’ll get nothing from them, as we learned on the… Read More

  • Google Brings Location To The Mobile Web On The iPhone

    Google’s updates surrounding location are now coming fast and furious. Just a few days ago it added location to Google Maps for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Today, it brings location to the mobile web on the iPhone. If you have the new iPhone 3.0 software and go to Google’s homepage in Safari, you’ll notice a new message below the search box that reads, “New! Try… Read More

  • Ingenious DIY iPhone flash

    Ryan wanted to add a flash to his iPhone so he cut open a Mophie JuicePack and connected a bright white LED and tiny switch. Boom: instant flash. Read More

  • The $99 iPhone Is James Bond. The Other $99 Phones Are Joe Schmoe.

    While it’s not being talked about too much, the $99 iPhone 3G is a very interesting play by Apple. It takes what was previously a just out-of-reach device for many, and puts it at a magical price-point. Sure, it still won’t sell everyone, like the people who only care about getting the phone that their carrier is offering for free, or those looking for the cheapest possible… Read More

  • iPhone 3.0 unlock is go – don't try it on your 3G S, though

    The dev team has released their latest carrier unlock, ultrasn0w, It requires a quick using redsn0w and then the installation of ultrasn0w through Cydia. If you’ve already jailbroken your iPhone 3G simply add repo666.ultrasn0w.com to your repositories list and download ultrasn0w. What does this do? It carrier unlocks the iPhone 3G. Sadly, it doesn’t yet work on the 3G S. It is… Read More

  • Video: Doom Resurrection trailer (it's an iPhone game)

    John Carmack loves the iPhone SDK. Last year he said he was working on an app that will take the iPhone to its graphical limits and Doom Resurrection is probably it. Thankfully, it was developed with the current crop of iPhones in mind so you don’t have to have the new iPhone 3G S to play it. But if the iPhone 3G supports games this graphically awesome, what can the iPhone 3G S with… Read More

  • Want an iPhone 3G S? Already have an iPhone 3G? Be prepared to pay $700 to upgrade [Updated]

    Better read the fine print, friends. Apple said today that the iPhone 3G S costs $199 (16GB) and $299 (32GB). But that’s the price only for new AT&T customers. The price if you’re already an AT&T customer and/or are upgrading from an iPhone 3G? Try $699 (32GB), $599 (16GB), and $499 (8GB). To quote Peter Ha: “HOLY SHIT.” Read More

  • SGN's Jet Dogfighter iPhone Game Lands, Turns Out To Be Pretty Fly

    Social Gaming Network (SGN) keeps on pushing out great entertainment applications for the iPhone, and we can’t help continuing to put those in the spotlight. Not only because SGN produces some damn good games that we love to play – check out its suite of Wii-like games for starters – but also because we’d really like to see more developers leverage the network… Read More

  • DIY iPhone screen repair

    If you’re anything like my sister you’ve already broken your iPhone’s screen. Thankfully, iFixit has a detailed how-to that shows you hope to remove and replace the iPhone’s front glass without much fuss and muss. All you need is a suction cup and a small screwdriver. Read More

  • Review: Mophie iPhone 3G Juice Pack air

    I can’t deny the fact that Mophie knows how to make stylish accessories for the iPhone, but after a lackluster experience with the original Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G I’m wondering if the air will fair any better. Quick Version: The Juice Pack air has an added bonus of being not only a reserve battery pack, but also a hard cover for your iPhone 3G. It doesn’t add too much… Read More

  • Should An iPhone App Developer Charge Or Run Ads? (Galaxy Impact Case Study)

    This is a guest post written by Bo Wang from iPhone app developer house Team iBokan, part of Bokan Technologies, about the lessons learned while conducting a pricing experiment on brick game Galaxy Impact, the company’s first iPhone application. For a different take on paid versus ad-supported iPhone apps, read our previous post. Galaxy Impact, a classic brick-break game and the… Read More

  • New Jersey lawsuit targets AT&T, Apple over shoddy iPhone 3G perfomance

    Again, I don’t know how so many of you guys put up with your iPhone “3G,” in quotes because of the constant complaining about the lack of speed. In fact, a lawsuit was just filed in New Jersey that accuses AT&T and Apple of, among other things, Negligent Misrepresentation and Breach of Contract. Read More

  • AT&T confirms contractless iPhones coming next Thursday

    News broke yesterday that AT&T would begin offering the iPhone 3G for existing customers without a contract. Today, AT&T confirmed publicly that they would begin selling both models next Thursday, March 26. It comes at a premium though, and will go for $599 and $699 for the 8GB and 16GB models, respectively. Spokesman Michael Coe said AT&T will sell the phones starting next… Read More

  • March 26 brings "No-Commit" iPhone 3Gs to existing AT&T customers

    Attention existing AT&T customers who have been eyeing an iPhone 3G. Stop whatever you are doing, grab a red Sharpie, and circle March 26, 2009 on your calendar. Why? Because according to BGR (who got their hands on some internal AT&T slides), that is the first day you will be able to purchase a “No-Commit” iPhone 3G for the economy-boosting price of $599 (8GB) / $699 (16GB). Read More

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