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  • Backed Or Whacked: To Have But Not To Hold The iPad

    Backed Or Whacked: To Have But Not To Hold The iPad

    Editor’s note: Ross Rubin is principal analyst at Reticle Research and writer for Engadget. Each column will look at crowdfunded products that have either met or missed their funding goals. The iPad mini stole the show at Apple’s far-flung October 23rd product introduction, creating a more compelling alternative to the iPad 2 while taking a backseat to the muscled-up… Read More

  • Hands-On With Twelve South’s Stealthy BookBook iDevice Cases

    Hands-On With Twelve South’s Stealthy BookBook iDevice Cases

    The modern man is clearly embarrassed by tablet computers. It’s a common trend to disguise the slate computing device as a book. I guess it affords owners an air of class and sophistication as it appears they’re toting around a well-loved tome rather than a dull, lifeless computer. Twelve South has taken this practice to the extreme with redesigned iPad and iPhone cases. Read More

  • Saddleback iPad Case Promises 100 Years Of Thick, Lustrous Leather

    You may remember our review during last year’s bag week of the Saddleback laptop case. Expensive, durable, and fervently religious, it’d be a good bag to have during the end times. And depending on whether said Armageddon happens before or after the iPad 2 announcement, you might want some righteous armor for your iPad, too. Not iPad 2. iPad too. Good thing Saddleback now makes an… Read More

  • Kork iPad Case: Corky, Unique, And Eco-Friendly

    One criticism I should have mentioned for pretty much the whole lineup of iPad cases I reviewed last month is that none of them really used any natural materials. Sure, it’s a pretty frou frou complaint, but some people don’t really want to buy any more nylon and plastic than they have to. The Dodocase and Ekocase are examples of a more natural, hand-made style, and this Kork one… Read More

  • Incase’s Origami Is Both Sleeve And Stand For iPad

    Sure, there’s no shortage of iPad cases and stands, even things that do both, but what I’ve found is that because the iPad itself is such an anonymous-looking device, finding the perfect case for it is the best way to personalize the thing. I still haven’t decided on one for mine, but the Origami from Incase is looking pretty good. Read More

  • iPad Case With Built-In Keyboard Hitting US Soon

    There’s an iPad case available in the UK (though unfortunately out of stock at the moment) that has a Bluetooth keyboard built right into the cover. Adds a little weight, but if you do more than a little typing on that thing, you likely will appreciate having physical keys. It’s going through the FCC right now, so expect it on our shores shortly. Of course, the KeyCase costs £60… Read More

  • Parabellum Brings Bison And Kevlar Together For Safety, Luxury And Technology

    Let’s say you’re at that point in life where you have too much money. You can only experience the thrill of buying a Ferrari once. So what’s next? Parabellum, makers of hand-crafted leather products, think they can help. When the cost of a fully-loaded iPad or Macbook Pro isn’t enough to lighten your wallet, the clear solution is to get protection from something… Read More

  • Carbon fiber iPad case makes me want to put a turbo in my iPad

    At least, it would make me want to trick out my iPad if I had one. And this case is really making a pretty good case to get one. Too bad I’d spend all day looking at the back of the iPad instead of the more functional touchscreen part. It’s called the HoverCoat, by monCarbone, and it costs $90. Man, do they think I’m made of money? Makes a guy want to rob a bank. [via NotCot] Read More