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Kiko Ventures joins the climate tech investment stampede with a $450m Evergreen fund

Given the dire predictions about the impending (and basically already here) climate crisis, the world can’t get enough climate tech funds right to power new innovation that can address the issue. FT

Nvidia calls off its efforts to acquire Arm

Nvidia’s deal to acquire Arm is off, the two companies and Arm owner SoftBank announced Tuesday. With this, there is also a major leadership change at Arm. The company’s current CEO, Simon

Exyn unveils AI to help drones fly autonomously, even indoors or off the grid

A startup called Exyn Technologies Inc. today revealed AI software that enables drones to fly autonomously, even in dark, obstacle-filled environments or beyond the reaches of GPS.

Dust Off That Science: Marblar Wants To Bring The Crowd To Tech Transfer (And Change The World)

A few months back, I was pitched over Skype by the CEO and co-founder of a startup building a platform that was going to realise the "true potential" of science. “Okay,” I said, “but have yo