IP Act

Australia wants Five Eyes to squeeze tech firms on encryption

The political rhetoric against strong encryption continues to crank up. Reuters reports today that Australia will be pushing for greater powers for countries to tackle the use of encrypted messaging s

UK surveillance law still fuzzy on decryption rules for comms providers

A little more detail has emerged about how a key component of the controversial U.K. surveillance law (the Investigatory Powers Act, which was passed at the end of last year) is likely to function --

Brits afraid for their personal data under President Trump, poll finds

Few will need reminding today is the day Donald Trump gets sworn in as president of the US. But it's not just millions of Americans worried for their future under a Trump administration: four out of f

Liberty is crowdfunding a legal challenge to UK surveillance law

Civil liberties group Liberty has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a U.K. High Court challenge to the bulk powers contained within a new domestic surveillance law.

EU court rejects data retention law, throwing cold water on UK’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’

The highest court in Europe today ruled that “general and indiscriminate” data retention directives contravene European Union law — dealing a significant blow to governments an