• CrunchDeals: Rugged Portable 500GB ioSafe Hard Drive For $179

    A new site incubated by our own Roi Carthy is offering 40% off the 500GB ioSafe hard drive. The drive is crush, dust, shock, and water resistant and they even got Fake Grimlock to write the description. You can learn more about the drive here and pick it up for .35 cents per gigabyte. Read More

  • ioSafe Releases 3TB Everythingproof Drive

    ioSafe makes water, fire, and bomb-proof hard drives and they’ve just upgraded their SoloPRO device to support up to 3 terabytes of storage – enough for just about everything you could ever want to store. The drive is $499.99 and includes 12 months of data recovery service as well as eSATA and USB 3.0 connections. The drive can withstand 1550° F for 30 minutes and live underwater… Read More

  • What Is This New ioSafe Device?

    ioSafe just posted a teaser for a new product that looks to be some sort of sexified enclosure. You can check it out here and they’re going to give one out around CES time. What do you think it is. I’m betting on a box to put baby dolls in. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 2TB ioSafe Solo USB Fireproof/Waterproof Drive for $249

    Wow. Two terabytes for $249. I remember when a freaking 640MB Flash card cost half that. Anyway, Radioshack has this ioSafe drive (that we saw run over by a backhoe) for under $300. Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: A 1TB ioSafe SoloPRO Rugged Hard Drive

    In honor of the launch of ioSafe’s new SoloPRO rugged fireproof/waterproof hard drive I present to you the “Win a 1TB Hard Drive Plus Nirvana Weekend Giveaway.” What can you win? Well, a 1TB hard drive, for starters, and you can choose either the eSATA or USB 3.0 model. You also win true happiness and enlightenment, although the attainment of these things requires years of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Get an ioSafe Solo for $229.99

    ioSafe is running a great deal with Costco right now, you can buy their ioSafe Solo (which John reviewed) for a great price, and also get an additional year of data recovery for free. The drive is currently on sale for $229.99 (ordered online), and is regularly priced at $259.99 and doesn’t normally include the additional year of data recovery. Having personally seen one of these set… Read More

  • Watch a hard drive enclosure set on fire, then driven over by a backhoe

    We told you about the IoSafe Solo before, but here’s the new SSD version. IoSafe invited us to a secret location off the strip to show us the new IoSafe Solo SSD, the first “disaster proof” SSD drive. Sorry for the length of the video, but they set the drive on fire, sprayed it with a fire hose, dropped it from 20 feet up out of a backhoe bucket, and then drove over it. And… Read More