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Australian Police Warn Against Apple Maps, Citing “Potentially Life Threatening” Misdirection

Police in Victoria <a target="_blank" href="">have urged motorists to avoid the use of Apple Maps</

Meet Apple’s “New CEO,” Tom Brooks

Earlier today <a target="_blank" href="">KTVU</a> got a major component of the<a title="Tim Cook Apologizes For Apple Maps, Points To Competitive Alternatives" href="https://techcr

More Maps Backlash? Uber Tells Drivers To Hold Off On Updating To iOS 6 Until Next Week

There's been plenty of complaining from consumers about the often-inaccurate new maps in iOS 6, and it sounds like Uber isn't too happy about the update either. Uber drivers tell us that the compan

The Apple iOS 6 Maps Fiasco Explained In 3 Minutes

No doubt you've already heard about the tragic mess that is Apple's iOS 6 Maps. In fact, you've probably already gotten lost on the way to something important thanks to Apple's faithful geographical g

Source: Apple Aggressively Recruiting Ex-Google Maps Staff To Build Out iOS Maps

Apple is pursuing people with experience working on Google Maps to develop its own product, according to a source with connections on both teams. Using recruiters, Apple is pursuing a strategy of luri