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Extended Volvo CarPlay Demo Video Shows Touch Scrolling, Integration With Other Car Software

Apple is showing off CarPlay at the Geneva Auto Show this week with its first crop of car makers, and so far we’ve seen it in action in Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but a new video gives

How CarPlay Works In A Ferrari FF, And How Apple Will Push New Third-Party Apps To The System

Apple’s CarPlay is barely out in the wild, and only on display at the Geneva Auto Show with select partners including Ferrari. Our friends over at Engadget got to go hands-on with the in-car inf

Volvo Shows Apple CarPlay In New Video, Says Wi-Fi Connectivity Is “Coming Soon”

Apple’s CarPlay is close to being available in the wild via partnerships with a handful of car manufacturers, and Volvo is already showing off what it will look like in practice. The car maker j

Apple’s New CarPlay System Will Turn Tens Of Millions Of Cars Into iPhone Accessories

Apple’s newly announced CarPlay, which is the rebranded version of iOS in the Car, a system for converting your vehicle’s in-car entertainment system into an iOS-powered dashboard fed cont

Volvo, Ferrari, And Mercedes First To Add iOS In The Car Next Week

iOS in the Car, announced by Eddy Cue last year at the iOS 7 launch, was supposed to appear in 2014 and, according to the <a target="_blank" href="

Apple Exploring iPhone-Stored Car And Home Preference Profiles To Configure Seats, Climate And More

Apple is exploring more in-car abilities for its mobile devices, according to a new patent filing published by the USPTO today. The patent application describes a system where a user could store their