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Apple walks back controversial Safari changes with iOS 15 beta 6 update

Apple is slowly walking back its controversial decision to redesign mobile Safari in iOS 15 to show the address bar at the bottom of the screen, floating atop the page’s content. The revamp, whi

Report: Apple’s iOS 14 contains code that would let you sample apps before download

Apple has under development a feature that would allow iOS users to interact with a third-party app, even if the app wasn’t yet installed on your device, according to a report from 9to5Mac. The

iOS 8 Adoption Off To A Slower Start Than iOS 7, Say Multiple Usage Trackers

The iOS 8 installation spike is high, but lower than it was for iOS 7 last year, according to numbers from a variety of mobile OS usage monitoring platforms. Chitika, Tapjoy, Mixpanel and Appsee all s

Chinese State Media Renews Anti-Apple Rhetoric, Calls The iPhone A “National Security Concern”

Apple has faced a fair amount of state-sponsored criticism in China, a market where the prevailing powers have a stated goal of promoting more home-grown network and IT solutions. The Wall Street Jour

Apple Releases iOS 7.1.1 With Touch ID Improvements

Apple has released a new update to iOS 7 today, a minor point update with bug fixes and improvements. One such improvement beefs up Touch ID performance, which should mean better recognition of finger

Mozilla’s Chief Marketing Exec Is Modeling For Apple (Updated)

While Mozilla is recovering from the <a href="">resignation of its co-founder and CE

Apple Puts iOS 7 Adoption At 87% As iOS 6 And Older Fade To Black

Apple has just released updating figures around iOS version adoption as measured by its own tracking of app usage, and iOS 7 and up now accounts for 87 percent of all iOS devices by that measurement,

Mixpanel: iOS 7 Adoption At 90%, While Android Kit Kat Remains At Under 10%

Mobile analytics firm Mixpanel has iOS 7 adoption covering the vast majority of Apple mobile devices, with its real-time adoption stat tracker showing between 88 and 90 percent of devices on the lates

FiftyThree Updates Creativity App Paper For iOS 7 To Improve Navigation And Control

FiftyThree has thrived over the last few years, due to the massive popularity of its drawing and creativity app Paper and the release of its complementary Pencil stylus. Today it’s taking a big step

Apple Adds New “Designing Great Apps” Micro Site For iOS 7 Developers

Apple has offered up a central location that houses a number of resources around designing software for iOS 7. The collection of videos, documents and whitepapers seems aimed at making it easier for d

With Release Of iOS 7.1 Beta 3, Apple Favors Circular Buttons, Changes To Phone & “Power Off” Screens

Apple is continuing to tweak the interface to its iOS 7 mobile operating system, it seems, as today’s release of the iOS 7.1 beta 3 build indicates. In this latest update, the company has revamp

Apple Requiring All App Submissions To Be Optimized For iOS 7 By Feb 1st

Apple is requiring developers to optimize all app submissions for iOS 7 by February 1st, 2014, according to a new posting on its developer portal. That includes new apps and updates to existing apps.

Apple Puts iOS 7 Adoption At 74% Based On App Store Usage Numbers

Apple has just updated its developer website for the iOS App Store to show the distribution of devices on different versions of iOS, and iOS 7 now commands a significant league, with 74 percent of dev

iBeacons Used To Deliver Location-Based Access To iOS Newsstand Publications

iBeacon, Apple’s hyperlocal trigger tech in iOS 7, is an innovation that holds a lot of promise, and that will probably continue to make waves in the retail industry for a long time to come. One

Tumblr for iOS 7 Sharpens A Great Design Without Diluting It, And Brings Focus Onto Activity Stream

Today, Tumblr is releasing its redesigned client for iPhone and iPad, bringing along a completely refreshed look and feel for iOS 7. The redesign, unlike some others to come out of Apple’s big s

Pebble Adds Bluetooth Smart Notifications For All Apps On iOS 7, Gives Devs More Tools With SDK 2.0

Pebble's creators didn't just make a functional smartwatch when they designed their device, they packed it with a lot of potential for the future, too. Much of that potential has lain dormant while Pe

Why Did Apple Buy Cue? Because Google Now Eats Siri’s Lunch

Apple has acquired the ‘smart assistant’ company Cue, for over $40M. Why? Because Google is absolutely murdering Apple when it comes to the utility of Google Now. Apple is likely to use th

Apple Launches iOS 7 Tech Talks For Developers In SF, NYC, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin And London

Apple has just announced a series of Tech Talks for developers building apps for iOS 7. This is a relatively common occurrence as Apple likes to get evangelists out to talk to developers and help them

Instagram Gets A Mild iOS 7 Redesign With Edge-To-Edge Images

Instagram has been updated for Apple’s iOS 7 today with a new design that puts photos front and center. The app has not been re-written or torn down for the logic of iOS 7 so much as trimmed and

Discovr Delivers Total iOS 7 Overhaul For Its Music Discovery App With Streaming And Social Features

Discovr is one of those apps that has managed considerable success on the basis of doing one thing very well, in a number of different ways. The Australian startup behind the Discovr apps, Filter Squa
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