iOS 6

AT&T On FaceTime Over 3G: Free For Mobile Share Users, Unavailable For Everyone Else

More than a few AT&T customers got worked up a few weeks back when a peculiar pop-up in iOS 6 Beta 3 pointed to the possibility that the carrier <a href="

iOS 6 Simulator Test Lends Credence To iPhone 5 Resolution Rumors

Well damn. If there wasn't already enough fuel on the "new iPhone will have a taller screen" fire, <a target="_blank" href="

YouTube App Removed From iOS 6 Because Apple’s Licensing Agreement Is Over

Slowly but surely, it seems as though Apple's mobile OS is being stripped of search giant Google's influence. Apple's <a href="

Apple Quietly Releases Their Standalone Podcasts App Ahead Of iOS 6

It wasn’t long after the iOS 6 developer beta first started hitting devices that people started noticing <a target="_blank" href="

Apple iOS 6 Maps Ported Over To An iPhone 4, 3D Flyover Mode Intact

News that Apple's brand-spankin' new Maps app <a href="">wouldn't have full functionality across all of their

iOS 6 Includes Gay And Lesbian Couple Emoji

Now this is nice: Apple has updated their Emoji collection to reflect reality. They've added a lesbian and homosexual couple to the usual collection of goofy faces, monkeys, and weird skulls. The n

iOS 6 Has Been Jailbroken

That didn't take very long. Just three days after being announced, iOS 6 has been, as the cool kids say, <a target="_blank" href="">pwned by the Dev-Team</a> wit

Confirmed: Waze And Others Contributing To Apple’s iOS 6 Maps’ Crowd Sourced Traffic Data

Shortly after yesterday's <a href="">Apple WWDC</a> keynote there was plenty of chatter amongst the pundits, journalists and developers abo

More iOS 6 Features: New Privacy Settings, Share Widgets, Revamped Store Apps & More

Yesterday, Apple revealed <a href="">the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 6</a>, which promises over 200 new features. On st

To Be Clear, Siri Is Not Coming To The iPhone 4 Or iPad 2 (Update)

It's understandable why you might have been confused. Apple made Siri's expansion about as clear as mud yesterday at Apple's WWDC keynote. She learns more, moves to the iPad, gets all kinds of new

That Was Fast: iOS 6 Developer Beta Has Already Been Jailbroken

Apple's Scott Forstall officially introduced the world to iOS 6 less than 24 hours ago, and already it seems like an intrepid hacker has managed to jailbreak it. MuscleNerd (of iPhone Dev Team fame

Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em, These Are The Top 5 Features Of iOS 6

<a href="">iOS 6 is chock-full of new stuff</a>, with over 200 new features. Some are minor, like Mail VIPs which probably should have been

Apple Introduces iOS 6, Coming This Fall

Today at <a href="">Apple's WWDC keynote</a>, far and away the most exciting product announced has to be refreshed and replenished mobile operating system. The days of i

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead Of WWDC, Silver Background Further Hints At UI Color Scheme Change-Up (Update)

What do you know? In proper Apple fashion, the <a target="_blank" href="">Apple Store is officially down</a> in preparation for the company's WWDC Keynote announcements, where w

WWDC iOS 6 Rumors: What To Expect, Reject, and Wish For

It's WWDC time. Like, tomorrow. And we expect to see <a target="_blank" href="">plenty of fun announcements</a>, not least of which being a brand new mobi

New iOS 6 Maps App Reportedly Caught On Film Ahead Of WWDC

Rumblings of a new, Google-free iOS Maps app have been winging their way around the web for <a href="">a few

Come iOS 6, Apple Will Reportedly Kiss Google Maps Goodbye

Google's map data has been baked into the iOS Maps app since the days of the first, thick, aluminum-backed iPhone, but that may no longer be the case once iOS 6 hits the streets. Unnamed sources told