iOS 6

The iPhone 5 Has Arrived: But Which iPhone Is The Best Value?

The <a title="Watch It Live: Apple Opens Doors To Its NYC Flagship Store For iPhone 5 Launch" href="

MapBox, A Contributor To OpenStreetMap, Gets $575K From The Knight Foundation

While Apple continues to <a target="_blank" href="">weather</a> very bad press (and <a target="_blank" href="

Apple: iOS 6 Maps Is A First Attempt, We’re “Just Getting Started”

Apple has finally broken silence on the customer reaction to Maps in iOS 6, which <a href="" title="

Chartboost: 15% iOS 6 Adoption Rate Confirmed, Highest Among iPhone Owners At 17% In 24 Hours

We just reported that Apple's iOS 6 saw an adoption rate of around <a href="" title="iOS 6 Already On 15% Of Devi

Developers On Transit Apps In iOS 6 Maps: Good For Users Long-Term, But Needs Improvement

Since the iOS 6 update, there's been a lot of negative reaction from users, around issues of accuracy (this <a target="_blank" href="">Tumblr says it all</a>) and

Why The Addresses In iOS 6 Contact Sync? Apple And Facebook Want To Shut Out Gmail

Why would <a href="">Facebook quietly hide everyone's real email addresses</a> and only display addresses on our profiles? Signs,

Apple’s iOS 6 Causes Massive Traffic Spike, Signals High Early Adoption Despite Maps Issues

Apple's power to drive downloads cannot be underestimated, as a new report from notes. Yesterday, Apple released iOS 6, as well as an update for OS X and just about every first-party app it offers on

Welcome To Apple’s iOS6 Map — Where Berlin Is Now Called “Schoeneiche”

We've seen that the new Apple-created iO6 map which replaces the Google Maps app has had - how can we put it - <a href="

The iOS 6 Maps App Takes To Twitter To Assuage Your Cartographic Grief

Over the past day or so the vituperation against the iOS 6 Maps app, AKA the Maps app that makes you wish you were running Android, has been rising on the blogosphere. Why? Well the app is kind of won

Users Report Annoying (Apparently Fixed) WiFi Bug In iOS 6

It looks like there's been another bug in today's launch of iOS 6. We've been getting multiple tips stating iOS 6 is causing a bug in users' WiFi several hours after it's installed. There are also <a

iOS 6 Passbook Real-World Test: Let’s All Go To A Movie… Or Not

Already, <a target="_blank" href="">apps are hitting the App Store with Passbook support</a>, providing tickets, l

Take Public Transportation? Here’s What To Expect From The Maps App On iOS 6

As you know, Apple has released iOS 6 widely, and I'm not too stoked about the new Maps application. I've been using it for a few months thanks to the developer version, and my experience has been mad

If I Were Google, I Wouldn’t Release A Native iOS 6 Maps App For Six Months

So, iOS 6 is upon us and people are going to start getting their new iPhones this week as well. What they'll soon (maybe) realize is that Maps for iOS is no longer powered by Google. And it sucks some

iOS 6 Review: The Highs, The Lows, And Everything In Between

<a href="">iOS 6 is here</a>, and you're probably in some stage of trying to download or install it on one

iOS 6 Is Now Available: Here’s What Features Your iDevice Gets

Apple has pushed iOS 6 live, meaning you can update now, either by visiting Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 4th gen or later, or iPad, or by plugging

Google Launches Cross-Platform Search And Directions Sync For Google Maps

Apple is <a href="">launching iOS 6 today</a> and one of the changes that will likely spark a lot o

Reminder: Apple’s iOS 6 Arrives Tomorrow, Here’s What You Need To Know

Apple's latest mobile operating system gets released tomorrow, a few days ahead of the iPhone 5's launch on Friday. iOS 6 brings a lot of new stuff, and <a title="Apple’s iOS 6 Available September 1

Apple Maps In iOS 6: What Happens When You Take A Step Back With User Experience?

Apple's iOS 6 will be available for users to <a title="Apple’s iOS 6 Available September 19: Facebook, Maps, Passbook, Photo Sharing, Siri And More" href="

Chomp-Inspired iOS 6 App Store Redesign Could Impact Long Tail Of App Developers

It appears that at least some of the innovations found in <a href="">early 2012 Apple acquisition Chomp</a>, a mobile app search and discovery platform, h

AT&T Defends FaceTime Over 3G Decision, Says It Isn’t Violating Net Neutrality

AT&T ruffled more than a few feathers last week when it announced that only customers on <a href="
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