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  • iOS 4.2 Update Wipe Out Your iPhone Music? Try This.

    As you’re probably well aware by now, iOS 4.2 (technically, iOS 4.2.1) has been released by Apple today. The update unifies iOS across the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for the first time. But it also comes with an annoying bug that some users are seeing. After you update to the new OS, if you load the iPod (Music) app, you may see a message stating that your currently have “No… Read More

  • No, MobileMe Isn't Totally Free, But Find My iPhone/iPad Now Is

    Over the weekend, some rumors were circulating that Apple might be on the verge of making MobileMe free to some iOS users. This news (which seems to come up about once a quarter) sprung out of some code in the latest golden master build of iOS 4.2 (which was officially released today). Well, sadly, the rumor isn’t true. Well, it mostly isn’t true. You see, with iOS 4.2, Apple is… Read More

  • Apple Unifies The iOS Line With iOS 4.2 For iPad

    Apple Unifies The iOS Line With iOS 4.2 For iPad

    Back in June, Apple unveiled something that was both a blessing and a curse for the company: iOS 4. It was a blessing because it was the most stable, fastest, and most feature-rich version of iOS yet. But it was also a curse because it wasn’t yet ready for the iPad. That meant that Apple’s latest flagship device was left running old software. For months. Well, not anymore. Yes… Read More