ios 17

AirDrop in iOS 17 will let you share contact info by bringing two iPhones close together

Apple’s iOS 17 update is delivering a number of quality-of-life improvements to the iPhone’s software, including those that will allow users to better interact with their favorite apps and

iOS 17’s standby view lets your iPhone double as a deskside clock

Ever want to use your iPhone like a deskside clock? Now you can, thanks to the new “standby” view in iOS 17. Announced at Apple’s WWDC conference, standby activates when you turn an

Thanks to AI, iOS 17 will learn your swears

Autocorrect in iOS is set to vastly improve — thanks to AI. At its annual WWDC conference, Apple announced that iOS 17 will feature an upgraded autocorrect powered by an AI model that can more a

With iOS 17, Apple introduces new journaling app, refreshes communication apps

Today at WWDC 2023 Apple unveiled the new version of its mobile operating system for the iPhone. iOS 17 is receiving many different new consumer-facing features, so here’s a roundup of what you can

FaceTime voicemail is coming to iOS 17, plus live voicemail transcription

In iOS 17, Apple is making upgrades to key apps like Messages, FaceTime, Contacts and Phone. Announced today during WWDC, Apple revealed that users will soon be able to leave video voicemails via Face

iOS 17 will turn locked iPhones into smart home-style displays, report says

Apple is planning to release a new feature that turns locked iPhones into smart home displays with iOS 17, according to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The interface will reportedly d