Google Makes Email More Interactive With Customizable Gmail Action Buttons

Google today announced a small but cool update to Gmail. For emails where the developer has enabled this feature, Google will now show action buttons next to emails in your inbox that let you take act

Death By A Thousand Cuts? Google Wallet’s Plan To Take On PayPal Leverages Chrome, Android, Google+, Gmail & More

Flying under the radar amid a flurry of announcements from today's Google I/O developer conference is the bigger news of how Google is stepping up its efforts to compete with online payment giants, su

Google Maps API Gets A Visual Refresh, Available For Opt-In Today, Coming To Most Sites In August

At its I/O developer conference, Google today <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> a new Maps API for mobile devel

Larry Page Wants Earth To Have A Mad Scientist Island

Larry Page thinks we are, as a population, too negative. Especially the tech community. The solution? Amongst other things, Larry wishes the world had some sort of Burning Man-esque place for crazy

YouTube Expands Live Access To All Partners In Good Standing With 1,000 Subscribers Or More

YouTube's live offering took a big step forward today, with the announcement that access to the feature will soon be available to a large number of its partners. While YouTube Live was previously only

Google CEO Larry Page Shares His Philosophy At I/O: “We Should Be Building Great Things That Don’t Exist”

Today, a day after <a href="">discussing his voice issues</a>, Google CEO Larry P

Deep Dive With The New Google Maps For Desktop With Google Earth Integration, It’s More Than Just A Utility

Using Google Maps today is great for what it’s supposed to do, get you from point A to point B. But there’s a lot of information that Google collects that you never get a chance to glance

Google Previews Next Version Of Google Maps For Android And iOS, Coming This Summer

At its I/O developer conference today, Google previewed the next version of <a target="_blank" href="">Google Maps</a> for mobile. Google's director of Google Maps, Daniel Graf,

Google Now Gets New Cards For Reminders, Music, Public Transit, TV, Books And Video Games

Google announced some fresh updates for Google Now today, consisting of six new types of cards that will show up in the automated, intelligent digital assistant feature for Android and iOS. The new ca

Google I/O Session Totals Show Deeper Importance Of Google Cloud Platform

We are more than two hours into the Google I/O keynote, the kickoff to a three-day event with 171 sessions. But something is quite different from last year. Google Cloud Platform now represents about

Google Introduces Conversational Search For The Desktop With “Hotwording,” Prompting It With “OK Google”

Today, Google announced that its conversational search that is available for its Android and iOS apps would be coming to the desktop within the Chrome browser. Until now, you could search for things u

Google’s Knowledge Graph Gets Smarter, Adds Statistics And 4 New Languages

Amit Singhal, Google’s senior VP of search, today announced that Google’s Knowledge Graph will start exposing a number of statistics as graphs on the search results pages today. Google is

Google Unites Gmail And G+ Chat Into “Hangouts” Cross-Platform Text And Group Video Messaging App

Today at I/O, Google rebranded "Hangouts" as a new unified, cross-platform messaging system. It lets people text, photo, and group video message across Hangouts' Android and iOS apps, plus its Gmail a

Google+ Photos Can Now Automatically Create Animated GIFs, Panoramas, HDR Images And Better Group Shots

Photos have always been at the center of the Google+ experience and at I/O today, Google announce a major update to Google+ Photos that now makes use of the many of the tools the company acquired when

Google+ Redesigns Its Stream To Include Multi-Column Google Now-Esque Cards, Auto-Hashtags And More

Google+, the social layer that Google introduced almost two years ago, has evolved quite a bit since its launch. Today, the company announced a complete redesign, taking cues from the mobile experienc

Google Says Its Chrome Browser Now Has Over 750 Million Monthly Active Users

Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president for Chrome and Android today announced that the company’s Chrome browser now has more than 750 million monthly active users. That’s up f

Google To Begin Offering Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 With Stock Android For $649 On June 26

Google is offering a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, arguably one of the top current Android devices, with Jelly Bean 4.2 unlocked on Google Play beginning June 26, the company revealed at I/O today

Google Launches “Google Play Music All Access” On-Demand $9.99 A Month Subscription Service

Google just launched an on-demand subscription music service at I/O called "Google Play Music All Access". Its web and mobile interfaces feature millions of songs you can play instantly, recommendatio

Google Launches Android Studio And New Features For Developer Console, Including Beta Releases And Staged Rollout

Today, during Google’s I/O developer conference, the company announced a group of tools for app developers, including a new developer suite called Android Studio. It’s an IDE based on Inte

Google Launches Play Games Services API For Android And iOS For Multiplayer Gaming, Saving Games In The Cloud

At its I/O developer conference, Google just announced its new Play Games Services API, a new API that allows game developers to save game states and sync them between different machines. This service
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