Google Believes Web Components Are The Future Of Web Development

While it was missing the skydiving antics of last year’s event, Google’s I/O keynote last week wasn’t short on product launches. In between the splashy updates to Google Maps, Search

Android’s Design Principles And The Calculus Of The Human Pleasure Response

Android UX and interaction design leads Helena Roeber and Rachel Garb gave a talk at Google I/O this year about the Android Design Principles (ADP) they helped create and introduced back in 2012 with


Did Google's conference succeed? It launched dozens of products in its 205-minute keynote, but did the world understand them? I saw some of the smartest journalists in technology struggling to handle

Google Now Introduces Mark Up Tools For Select Partners To Flag Flights, Hotel Stays And Reservations In Emails

Google made a relatively quiet announcement today regarding how it's pushing the developer ecosystem forward around Google Now, its intelligent personal assistant for Android devices. The company has

Gmail And The Stock Android Email App Combined Have Over 100M Mobile Users

Google's Vikram Aggarwal, a software engineer working on the Android platform, revealed today that Gmail and Email, the native Android client that still ships on Android devices as well, now has a com

Google+ App For Android Quietly Switched To WebP Image Format A Month And A Half Ago, Saves 50% Bandwidth

About a month and a half ago, Google switched to its own <a target="_blank" href="">WebP image format</a> in its <a target="_blank" href="

Google Play In-App Purchase Revenue Growth Jumps 7X In One Year, Subscription Revenue Growing 2X Each Quarter

Google held a session today at I/O 2013 about how to make money on Android, and in the initial few minutes it shared some updated stats around Google Play revenues and how those are progressing. Not s

Behind The Scenes Of The Big Google Maps Redesign And Its Technical Challenges

Google unveiled its completely redesigned Google Maps product on the web at I/O 2013, and at a panel dedicated to the new Maps experience, Maps User Experience Design Lead Jonah Jones and Engineering

Google Introduces Portable Native Client, Makes It Easier For Developers To Add C And C++ Code To Their Web Apps

Native Client - a technology that allows developers to run native compiled C and C++ code as part of their web apps - has long been a part of Google Chrome. Even though other browser vendors haven't a

Google’s Street View Trekker Backpack Co-Creator Talks Unmanned Hikes, Pack Animal Street View

Google impressed a lot of people when it debuted its Grand Canyon Street View imagery in October. The Trekker backpack used to capture that imagery, which is essentially a backpack-mounted version of

Experience A Google Maps Free Fall With Instrument’s Maps Dive At Google I/O

One of the most interesting product demos on display at Google I/O this year was a virtual sky-diving simulation built using eight separate computers running Chrome, along with a Kinect-like motion se

NVIDIA’s Shield Mobile Gaming System Feels Like The Way Android Games Should Be Played

NVIDIA brought its new Shield handheld gaming system to Google I/O this year and showed off a near-production device. The Shield made its debut at CES this year, surprising most since it's a consumer

Google Says All 2,000 Glass Explorers Have Been Invited To Pick Up Their Device

Today, Steve Lee of the Google X and Glass Team, announced that as of last week, all 2,000 developers who signed up for the Glass Explorer program at last year's I/O conference have now <a href="https

Leap Motion Talks New Beta, We Go Hands On With Motion-Controlled Google Earth

Leap Motion was showing off its still unreleased gesture motion controller for computers at Google I/O 2013. The demo unit allowed you to use the controller to navigate Google Earth, and the functiona

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, CNN And Evernote Apps Coming To Google Glass Today

Google announced a number of new partner apps today on stage at Google I/O during the "Developing for Glass" session. Facebook and <a target="_blank" href="

Google Announces Native Glass Developer Kit, Will Be Able To Do More Than The Mirror API

Google held a session today hosted by Timothy Jordan, developer advocate on Project Glass on how to develop for the gadget, and while most of it focused on what developers can do right now with the av

Google’s Three-Hour I/O Keynote Boils Down To These Highlights And One Theme: Foundation

Today's three-hour-long Google I/O keynote came with plenty of announcements, but the company mostly assured us that it is focused on building frameworks that can benefit developers and consumers.

Google’s Products Are Just By-Products Of Its Quest For Tomorrow

Google isn't about search, apps, or devices. Those are just vehicles, and there's no destination. That's because Larry Page's Google is on an unending pursuit of the future, not just next quarter's ea

Hands On And Walkthrough With The New, Much More Beautiful Google Maps

Google took the lid off of its new version of Maps at <a href="">I/O 2013</a> today, which is a dramatic redesign of the long-standing navigation and place-finding so

Watch Robots Fight With Lightsabers At Google I/O [TCTV]

Meet the PR2 personal robot from Willow Garage. The human-sized bot can learn to fold clothes and do other activities via voice commands, and it can even get into sword fights. Watch as I challenge th
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