In the AI wars, Microsoft now has the clearer vision

A week ago, Microsoft held its Build developer conference in its backyard in Seattle. This week, Google did the same in an amphitheater right next to its Mountain View campus. While Microsoft’s

Android O beta is available today

It’s already been available for a few months as a developer preview, but now the rest of us can finally get our hands on an upcoming version of Android. Android O Beta starts shipping today, if you

Amateur astronomers catch Jupiter’s latest impact on video

This week, two amateur astronomers released footage of an impact event on Jupiter. The separate observations, one in Austria and one in Ireland, show a brief, small flash of light at the exact same ti

Google I/O Will Hit Mountain View On May 18-20 At Shoreline Amphitheatre

We don't have too many details yet, but Google's CEO Sundar Pichai just let the world know where and when Google I/O will take place this year. The conference usually takes place in San Francisco at t

Google’s Quest To Bring The Internet To The Next Billion People

For Google to continue to expand its global ambitions, it’s going to have to get more people on the Internet. And it's going to have to make sure its products work in areas with spotty service and l

Google I/O 2015 Keynote Live Blog

Google’s I/O developer conference for 2015 kicks off today, with a keynote that begins at 9:30 AM PT. Google typically uses this to make big, splashy announcements about its software platforms a

Luka, The App That Replaces Your Foodie Friend, Goes Live In SF

IO, the company that <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2014/10/20/io-feels-like-a-human-friend-who-gives-great-restaurant-recommendations/">launched on stage at Disrupt Europe</a> and is looking to

IO, The Natural-Language Social Concierge For Restaurants, Launches Private Beta In NYC

IO, one of our European Disrupt Battlefield companies from this year, is today expanding across the pond to open up the beta to New Yorkers. The company developed a product that lets you ask about res

IO Feels Like A Human Friend Who Gives Great Restaurant Recommendations

Siri sucks. We're all aware of this. Which works out well for IO, the Russian company behind a social concierge app that can answer any question you have about restaurants. The product is called T

Watch Our Wrap-Up Of The Google I/O Keynote And Day One

Google's I/O developer conference kicked off today, and the company held its keynote address to give an overview of all the news it revealed at the event. The changes included a preview of the upcomin

This Week On The TechCrunch Gadgets Podcast: All Google I/O, All The Time

Google's major developer conference, <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2013/05/15/live-blog-live-from-the-google-io-2013-keynote/">Google I/O</a>, went down this week. Was it a bit of a letdown? Pr

Google Announces It Has Reached 900M Android Activations, Sundar Pichai Calls It “Most Popular Mobile OS In The World”

Today, Google announced that its Android operating system has reached 900M activations. This is a 500M increase from last year’s announcement. At one point, Google said that it was experiencing

Google To Take On Apple’s Game Center Soon, Leaks Suggest

Games dominate the app ecosystem. It's easy to forget that as we all dig for the next app of the moment, but it's the truth. 9 of the 10 highest grossing apps in the App Store last year, all games.

Google Working On High-Resolution Nexus 7 For I/O Reveal, Android Notebooks Later This Year, Analyst Says

Google's I/O developer conference is happening next week in San Francisco, and one of the big questions around what we'll see there includes hardware. Now KGI securities analyst Mingchi Kuo (via 9to5G

Google I/O Registration Date Leaks, Be Ready To Sign Up On March 13 (Update: It’s Official)

A tipster has sent in <a target="_blank" href="http://blog.roopakvenkatakrishnan.com/google-io-2013-registration-dates-opening/">a screen grab</a> of what appears to be a landing page announcing regis

Google Wins The Internet With A Live Skydiving Demo Of Google Glass (Now With Video!)

Well, that was unexpected. Google's Sergey Brin just stepped on stage at Moscone West to deliver a demo of Google Glass, and it involves a Google+ hangout conducted via their connected eyewear. Oh, an

Whatever Happened to Google’s Android@Home?

With just a few days to go before Google's annual <a target="_blank" href="https://developers.google.com/events/io/">I/O</a> developer conference kicks off on Wednesday, it's time to take a look back

Cablevision sez: People don't know jack about HDTV so let's treat them like complete idiots

Rather than go to bed at a respectable hour, I was awake well into the night just a few hours ago, scrolling through my many channels of utter garbage. Then I landed on some “here’s what t

Sony LocationFree Technology Merged Into VAIO Base Station

Apparently, Sony is no longer “down” with their LocationFree technology and is looking to integrate it into its VAIO product line. The new VAIO LF-V30 Base Station costs $250 and arrives i