• Oracle Acquires Social Marketer Involver As Enterprise Giants Buy Rather Than Build For Tomorrow

    Oracle Acquires Social Marketer Involver As Enterprise Giants Buy Rather Than Build For Tomorrow

    Old world online marketers must build, buy, or die, and Oracle has made its choice. Oracle just agreed to acquire Involver, only a month after the giant bought its competing social marketing platform Vitrue. Involver will be rolled into Oracle Cloud marketing suite, and the deal is expected to close over the summer (Update: though the purchase price may have been quite low). Oracle has been… Read More

  • Involver Lets Brands Engage With Fans On Facebook Based On Their 'Klout'

    Social marketing platform Involver is partnering with Klout, a startup that measures influence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, to allow brands to interact with and reward their fans on Facebook based on their Klout score. Basically, Involver allows brands to create a Klout widget on their Facebook page that engages users to measure their Klout score. Brands can then see which of their… Read More

  • Involver Closes $8 Million Series C For Its Social Media Marketing Platform

    Involver, a firm that offers a social media management platform as well as a suite of Facebook Page apps, has closed an $8 million Series C funding round. The round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners, with existing investors Western Technology Investment and Cervin Ventures participating as well. The news was first noticed by VentureBeat last week based on an SEC filing, though the… Read More

  • The 12 Best Ways To Customize Your Facebook Pages

    When a service such as Facebook limits users’ creative freedom, it is inevitable that other add-on services will overcome this limitation. This is why then, we see more and more Facebook tab apps that give us more control and freedom when it comes to customizing a fan page or a personal profile. I can’t really understand why Facebook doesn’t create an editor that lets… Read More

  • Brand Marketing Firm Involver Launches ‘AMP’ Social Media Dashboard

    Involver, a company that helps both brands and smaller businesses manage their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other online portals, has launched a new dashboard they’re calling AMP. The dashboard allows brands to aggregate all of their inbound tweets, Facebook comments, and other messages on a single site, and it isn’t just for monitoring incoming content — you can… Read More