• Win A Meeting With Sean Parker, SV Angel & More In An Auction To Benefit Cancer Research

    Win A Meeting With Sean Parker, SV Angel & More In An Auction To Benefit Cancer Research

    The Motion To Dismiss Cancer, a team formed to raise money for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), recently kicked off its annual “Venture Capital Master’s Lunch Series,” an ongoing auction that offers anyone and everyone an opportunity to win private meetings with an array of top venture capitalists and startup founders — with all proceeds going to benefit… Read More

  • Study: VCs Still Addicted To IPOs

    It seems that Venture investors are none-too-happy with current IPO activity. According to a study sponsored by Deloitte and the National Venture Capital Association released yesterday, over 80 percent of venture capitalists from around the globe believe “that current IPO activity levels in their home countries are too low”. Low enough, in fact, that it has investors worrying… Read More

  • Stupid Questions VCs Ask

    Stupid Questions VCs Ask

    Raising money is never fun for entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of time and distracts them from actually building their business. But perhaps worst of all, they have to answer all the same stupid questions over and over again with every pitch they make. This parody video on fundraising captures the essence of that frustration every entrepreneur feels. It is in the same style as “I Will… Read More

  • Sprint pulls dividends with EVDO-like quickness

    It appears that it might be time to call upon the spirit of motivational speaker Matt Foley to help Sprint figure out how to get “back…on…the right…track.” Sprint announced an almost $30 billion quarterly loss today. That’s such a big loss that Sprint also announced that it will stop paying dividends to shareholders for the “foreseeable… Read More