SEC warns against public companies adding blockchain to their name

Everyone knows that both Main Street and Wall Street investors are going gangbusters for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related technology. But here’s the thing. It’s currently nearly impos

Where and why venture capitalists invest close to home

Public market investors have the luxury of being able to make, invest and move their money anywhere they’d like. But the same isn’t true for startup investors, who, if conventional wisdom is to be

How living in Silicon Valley has made Kevin Durant a better investor

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017, Warriors player Kevin Durant and his partner Rich Kleiman took the stage to tell the crowd about The Durant Company. While The Durant Company has made about 30 inv

Crunch Report | Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns

The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, resigns from the company, Tesla gets a new lead, Andrej Karpathy, for their autopilot program, University of Michigan students get driverless shuttles and Snapchat in

Dedrone racks up 5 new investors, including CEOs of Aruba Networks and Meraki

It’s hard to build a drone that’s high performance and affordable enough to compete with DJI’s popular and pervasive models. That’s something drone companies who built their ow

The rise of the family office venture investor

VC dollars aren’t as readily available as they were in previous years, and for the companies that are receiving funding, they’re finding that the terms are becoming increasingly less palatable. Th

China’s futuristic train that floats above traffic now lies deserted

It felt pretty awesome to witness the future of transportation unveiled this summer as China's Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) took to the urban streets of Qinhuangdao for testing. One would think that aft

AR helmet maker Skully investors boot founders, replacing them with Martin Fitcher as CEO

Anonymous sources have confirmed to TechCrunch that Skully co-founders Marcus and Mitch Weller have been kicked out of the company by investors. Marcus served as CEO of Skully while his brother Mitch

How to keep your investors invested

You did it. You secured your funding. Good for you. You tirelessly developed, pitched, sold, maybe even danced a little. Not a song and dance, but a display of passion, commitment and promise. You suc

What To Do If Your Lead Investor Asks For ESOP

As valuations continue to rise, early stage VCs are getting more “creative” with their deal structuring. In particular, I’ve seen a rise in requests for ESOP shares to be allocated to lead inves

John Doerr On Zynga Investment: “We Own 60M Shares, So I Want That Stock Back Above $10 … Where God Intended It”

Investors tend not to be cool, sexy or "famous" in the traditional sense. After all, anyone can invest in one great company, but reproducing those victories habitually over decades is nearly impossibl

Angel5 Debuts A Founder-Friendly View Of AngelList, Sorts Investors Into “Top Five” Groups By Market, Region & More

<a target="_blank" href="">AngelList</a>, the community of startup founders and investors, which has of late been <a href="

Google Replaces Its Head Of M&A With Don Harrison, Will Open A New Late-Stage Investment Group

According to Reuters, Google is making major moves in its mergers and acquisitions group, replacing David Lawee with Don Harrison, a high-ranking lawyer at the company. Here’s what Reuters share

The P2P Lending Experiment: Lending Club Surpasses $1B In Personal Loans, Hits Profitability

Last night at Bloomberg's San Francisco headquarters, Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker took to the stage to deliver one of her famed presentations on the prevailing trends in the tech ecosystem. It

Health, Yes! Startup Health Launches An AngelList For Healthtech Investors, Startups & Innovators

If you don't know about <a target="_blank" href="">Startup Health</a> and you're a healthtech investor or entrepreneur (or at all interested in the space,) you need to rec

With Top Firms On Hand, Israeli-American Accelerator UpWest Labs Debuts Its Second Class

At Aol's offices in Palo Alto this evening, <a target="_blank" href="">UpWest Labs</a> pulled back the curtain on its second batch of startups. While the accelerator is open to c

Win A Meeting With Sean Parker, SV Angel & More In An Auction To Benefit Cancer Research

The <a href="">Motion To Dismiss Cancer</a>, a team formed to raise money for the <a href="">The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society</a> (LLS), recently ki

Study: VCs Still Addicted To IPOs

<img src="" /> It seems that Venture investors are none-too-happy with current IPO activity. According to a study sponsored by <a hre

Stupid Questions VCs Ask

<img src=""> Raising money is never fun for entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of time and distracts them from actually building their busin

Sprint pulls dividends with EVDO-like quickness

It appears that it might be time to call upon the spirit of motivational speaker Matt Foley to help Sprint figure out how to get “back…on…the right…track.” Sprint announc