Aperture’s Peter Kraus takes aim at passive ETFs and the ‘illusion of free’ with new startup

“We’re breaking beta from alpha. That doesn’t exist anywhere. We’re literally saying, ‘Only pay us for alpha and define beta. Nobody has done that.” That’s an energized quote fro

Etsy CTO On Its Conservatively Crafty Tech Philosophy

The online artisans’ marketplace sells some unique products and has some unusual needs when it comes to IT. The company sets itself apart in a number of ways. Instead of using cloud services lik

Arthur Chu, “The Jeopardy! Guy,” Talks About Gamergate And Web Harassment

Arthur Chu is best known for his odd - but winning - Jeopardy! strategy. He brought a web native's attitude and methodology to win almost $300,000 on the show. He is now an outspoken anti-Gamergate wr

Weev Talks About Life In Prison And His Plans To Open A Hedge Fund, TRO LLC

<a href="">Weev</a> aka Andrew Auernheimer is free. The 29-year-old hacker, released from the Allenwood Federal Correctional Center in Pennsylvania last weekend, has spe

MBank And The Future Of Responsive Banking

I'm not a huge fan of banks, but when senior director <a target="_blank" href="">Michal Panowicz</a> approached me about <a target="_blank" href="http://www.mbank.p

The Technical Interview Is Dead (And No One Should Mourn)

Allow me just a little self-congratulation. Two years ago I wrote "<a href="">Why The New Guy Can't Code</a>," about my contempt for the sta

An Interview With Firefighter, Techie, And E-Publisher John Sundman On What It Takes For Creatives To Make It In A Start Up

<a target="_blank" href="">John Sundman</a> is best known for his seminal dot-com-boom cyberpunk novel, <a target="_blank" href="

An Interview With Jeroen “Sprite_tm” Domburg, Creator Of The Tiny MAME Arcade Cabinet

When I first saw this tiny <a href="">gaming cabinet this morning</a>, I was fascinate

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins: “We Will Continue To Make The People That Use A BlackBerry Successful”

Blackberry's future is the tech debate <em>du jour</em>, with pundits on either side promising either a BB10 renaissance or a slow-motion tailspin. While the jury was still out, we had a few moments t

Resumes Are Bullshit. HireArt Is Better.

<a href="">HireArt</a>, a newly launched Y Combinator-backed company, is working to solve a major problem that all employers face today: resumes are bullshit. Job candidates oft

TCTV Interview: Mike Doughty, Author, Singer, Songwriter On The Future Of The Music Business

I had the distinct pleasure of bringing Mike Doughty, songwriter and author, into the TCTV studio to talk about his new book, <a target="_blank" href="

RIM Co-CEO Flakes In BBC Interview

You can watch the whole thing here but Mike Lazaridis is cracking up. Basically, in an interview with a BBC reporter, the co-CEO shuts down the the meeting after being asked about security concerns in

Big Interview: The Philosophy Behind Best Buy And Future's @Gamer Magazine

<img src="" />Conventional wisdom says that it’d be a better idea to build a ladder to the moon than it would be to start a magazine

Exciting interview: UFC's Chuck Liddell talks Reebok ZigTech, his MMA future and the Apple iPad. Yes, the iPad.

I had myself a bit of a field trip yesterday, going over to Reebok’s fancy gym on Columbus Avenue in New York to try out their new ZigTech shoes. The name alone implies, well, tech, which would

The Gadget Love of a Guitar God

Most gadget do-it-yourselfers have stories of an idea that didn’t quite work out. Maybe the prototype never functioned properly. Or maybe a competitor introduced a similar piece of gear into the mar

Interview: Karen Dyer (Sheva from Resident Evil 5)

<img src="" />Dearest CrunchGear readers: I recently had the honor and privilege of speaking to Karen Dyer, who is not only the voice of S

Interview: Reuben Langdon, motion capture artist for Avatar

Reuben Langdon is a motion capture artist in motion pictures and games — you’ve probably directed his actions without knowing it in such games as Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising. Most rece

CrunchGear Interview: Ben Heckendorn

I recently sat down with the king of gadget modders, Benjamin J. Heckendorn.

Interview: Jack Conte, Internet musician

Jack Conte is an Internet musician who makes his living from selling MP3s online and generally running around like a madman making great music. I was introduced to him through Electro-Harmonix but I w

MobileCrunch's Greg Kumparak interviewed on CBS 5 about online newsreaders

Greg “Heaven 17” Kumparak was interviewed by his local CBS affiliate on the rise of online newsreading and the death of dead-tree papers. There’s no real way to embed the video so I&
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