Video Review: EVGA Interview

<img src="">I'm going to be kind here and say that <a HREF="">EVGA Interview</a> is an interesting product. It is a dual

The Song of the PowerSquid: The Inside Story of the Life of an Invention

Hello, my name is Christopher Hawker. I am a professional inventor, specializing in innovative consumer products. My company is called Trident Design, LLC. I have developed many products in numerous i

Interview: Greg Grunberg and August Trometer, founders of Yowza, action heroes

Greg Grunberg and his partners August Trometer and Rick Yaeger have a successful iPhone App called Yowza – it’s basically a location-aware coupon app that gives you great deals at major me

Interview: Reuben Langdon, motion capture artist for Avatar

Reuben Langdon is a motion capture artist in motion pictures and games — you’ve probably directed his actions without knowing it in such games as Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising. Most rece

Interview: Jared Brown, iPhone developer about having his app rejected

Every day the Internet pays lip service to the “apps” “yanked” by Apple . But what happens when something Apple does in the SDK shuts down an entire type of app, namely the cam

Interview: Rob Burkinshaw, game designer and creator of homeless Sims

Yesterday we posted about Alice and Kev, homeless Sims that exist entirely in the world of Sims 3. They are a family. Alice is a girl with the traditional adolescent pre-teen worries but she’s s

E3 2009: Interview with Jonathan Wendel, AKA Fatal1ty

<img src="" />Fatal1ty, the world's most recognizable (and most frequently name-checked) pro gamer, took a little time out of his busy

Interview: Sir Richard Branson

<img src="" alt="" />It’s not every day we get a chance to sit down with one of the world’s richest and most industrious men. Actua

CES 2009: Interview with Les Stroud of "Survivorman"

<img src=""> If you're not familiar with "Survivorman," shame on you. Survival expert Les Stroud has stranded himself for a week in

CES Video: Interview with Dr. Dre

<img src="" alt="" />Here's the <a href="

Interview with Mark Cuban and Bud Mayo

<img src="">We had a chance to chat with billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, and CEO of Cinedigm, Bud Mayo, about their work together to bring live 3D e

RIM doing well at #2

In a wide-ranging interview, Research in Motion talked today about all things Blackberry. Trailing only Nokia in terms of sales volume, RIM has a lot reasons to feel good. According to Jim Balsillie,

Interview: Shaun White

Here’s the interview I promised back on Friday with Shaun White. YouTube wasn’t keen on my 17-minute interview with the snow/skateboarding sensation so I had to move it to Blip and by that

More interview with Peter Moore (we're up to part three)

I wish we didn’t have to publish this in episodic format (here are parts one and two), but really it is a good interview and we wouldn’t want you to have to wait to hear about it — s

Exclusive: Q and A with THQ’s Brian Farrell

THQ CEO Brian Farrell recently participated in a Q and A session here at the Pacific Crest Technology Leadership Forum in Vail, Colorado. While most of the focus at this particular conference is on fi

Recycling: Inside Panasonic’s ‘Eco Technology Center’

Panasonic’s “Eco Technology Center” sits in a little town outside of Osaka, Japan and is unique in that it’s one of the only recycling centers that has an on-site research and development lab

Interview: Rich Dancaster, soon to be Virgin Galactic space pilot

Rich is apart of the Virgin America and Virgin Galactic exchange program that allows VA captains the opportunity to pilot the Virgin Galactic flights when they start in 2010. He’s pretty stoked

Interview: James Dyson loves and hates on the iPhone, BlackBerry

While at Dyson HQ, I had the pleasure, once again, of interviewing the man himself. I had to ask what his thoughts were on the iPhone, and James’ answers were both entertaining and interesting.

Psystar's phones are ringing, nobody's answering

So today I was supposed to have a phone call with the president of Psystar, the makers of the not-a-Mac that can ship with Leopard pre-installed. Our call was at 1:00 west coast time. I hadn’t h

Shane Kim, VP Microsoft Game Studios, still

In an interview with Game Daily, Shane Kim professes his love for HD DVD, what MS is doing to ensure the next gen Xbox doesn’t have RROD issues, DRM issues and why they’re not in the marke
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