Metaview’s tool records interview notes so that hiring managers don’t have to

Metaview integrates with apps, phone systems, videoconferencing platforms and tools like Calendly and GoodTime to automatically capture the content of interviews.

The women in AI making a difference

As a part of a multi-part series, TechCrunch is highlighting women innovators — from academics to policymakers —in the field of AI.

Why ‘generative AI’ is suddenly on everyone’s lips: It’s an ‘open field’

If you’ve been closely following the progress of Open AI, the company run by Sam Altman whose neural nets can now write original text and create original pictures with astonishing ease and speed

Using asynchronous video interviews to improve startup recruiting

Asynchronous video interviews (AVI), or recorded video responses, are one alternative companies are using to shortlist candidates while saving on cost and time.

6 methods for reducing bias in candidate sourcing and screening

Whenever you open a new role, start by asking the question: How do we ensure that our selection is based solely on criteria that’s relevant to the role?

Rad Power Bikes founder Mike Radenbaugh on fueling the e-bike revolution

We sat down with Radenbaugh to talk about the e-bike revolution, diversifying the supply chain and building a product that's made for how people want to use it.

Karat raises $110M on a $1.1B valuation to grow its technical interviewing-as-a-service platform

In the global race for technical talent, companies are on the hunt for ways to speed up and scale the hiring process to snap up the best candidates before their competitors get to them. Today, a compa

Karat nabs $28M led by Tiger Global to grow its human-powered online interview platform for engineering jobs

A high demand for engineering talent in our digital world has driven companies that need to make these technical hires to cast their nets wider in the search for good people. Now, a company that has b

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn talks privacy, compromise and connecting communities

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has a lot of issues on her regulatory plate, some given marquee billing (the repeal of the commission's Broadband Privacy Rule) and others lurking in the wings for year

Crunch Report | Zoom CEO Eric Yuan Raised $100 Millon

Hanging out with the CEO of Zoom Eric Yuan and talking about the most recent investment for Sequoia for $100 million, LinkedIn's major desktop update, and the NHTSA fully exonerates Tesla's AutoPilot.

Garena’s Nick Nash explains the business behind Southeast Asia’s $4B tech giant

Nick Nash, President of Garena, discusses his company and its new focus on e-commerce and payments in Southeast Asia.

John Boyega talks about tech, cyberbullying, and catching a Pikachu on the set of Star Wars

After the conclusion of Microsoft's Imagine Cup, I got a chance to talk to John Boyega, of Star Wars and Attack the Block fame — and erstwhile competition judge. We chatted about his relationship wi

Opera CEO: Sale To Chinese Consortium Wasn’t Our Decision

After months of rumor, Opera finally confirmed two weeks ago that its board had accepted a takeover offer from a consortium of Chinese firms for the price of $1.2 billion. I had a chance to sit down

Apttus CEO Kirk Krappe Talks Growing Pains And IPO Plans At Dreamforce

In the midst of the chaos of the Dreamforce conference floor, we interviewed Apttus CEO Kirk Krappe at the company’s booth today. We discussed Apttus’ rapid growth and how he has dealt w

Makerbot CEO Jenny Lawton On Ramping Up A Fast-Moving Company

3D printer company Makerbot experienced almost exponential growth. After a few years in a cramped Brooklyn warehouse, the team grew from 20 to 600 in a few short years and the company was bought by St

An Interview With Josh Garza, CEO Of GAW Miners, On His $1 Million Purchase Of

On Monday GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza announced the purchase of for $1 million. The domain, which now points to a landing page, is to be a beachhead on the war to make bitcoin a household name a

Keen On… The Cloud: How Digital Technology Is Making Us More Human

The Pulitzer Prize winning technology journalist <a target="_blank" href="">Matt Richtel</a> is one of the <em><a target="_blank" href="

Disrupt Darlings GTar Talk About What Happens After You Succeed On Stage, Raise $350K, And Have To Ship Product

Last May, Incident Tech launched the gTar, a guitar with real strings that connected to a smartphone for some amazing sound processing. In the last few months, the founder, Idan Beck and his team have

Foundation: Dave Morin on Maintaining Genuine Relationships Via Social Networks

For the latest episode of my Foundation series, I headed over to the Path office to sit down with founder <a target="_blank" href="">Dave Morin</a>. Dave

Foundation Video: Melody McCloskey Of StyleSeat On Getting Investors Involved In A Beauty Startup

In the most recent episode of my <a target="_blank" href="">Foundation</a> video series, I sat down with the founder of <a target="_blank" href="">StyleSea
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