• How I Got Wooed By Startups As An Intern Crunch Network

    How I Got Wooed By Startups As An Intern

    My life changed when I got a job at a startup. I was 19 years old and had just finished my first year at the University of Michigan. By some stroke of luck I managed to land a software engineering internship at a venture capital-backed startup called UpTo. Located in downtown Detroit, I actually stayed on with them on and off throughout most of college. Read More

  • Apply Now To Write For TechCrunch This Summer As A Paid Intern

    Apply Now To Write For TechCrunch This Summer As A Paid Intern

    Are you obsessed with the startup world? Do you read TechCrunch all the time? Good news! We’re hiring paid interns for this summer. What will you do? Blog, blog, blog away. We’re looking for independent, driven reporters who will kick ass and chase after big startup stories: Interns who will work on everything from short blog posts to long form, investigative stories to video pieces. Read More

  • Google Rated The Best Place To Intern In 2013, Followed By Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel And Cisco

    Google Rated The Best Place To Intern In 2013, Followed By Qualcomm, Microsoft, Intel And Cisco

    For student jobseekers, in these challenging economic conditions, internships still rank as one of the best ways to prevent yourself from joining the growing ranks of the overeducated and underemployed. In fact, A recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that interning in college not only increases your chance of landing a job, but actually keeping it, too. Read More

  • TC Gadgets Needs Interns In Sin City

    TC Gadgets Needs Interns In Sin City

    Heyo! CES is right around the corner and we need some interns to work with us in Las Vegas after the holiday. If you like gadgets, think you can write/edit video, and are free January 10-13 and live in or around or can get to LV, we want to talk to you. Read More

  • CrunchGear Interns Needed: Learn a new trade

    Looking to learn a new trade? Need freedom to just drive? Give blogging a try. The CG editors are looking for direct assistants, preferably based in the US or Europe. We’re not picky. How do you apply? Email john @ crunchgear dot com or AIM me at johnbiggsnyc. Be prepared to explain who you are, why you want to be a slave and work for free (sorry, it’s unpaid, but we can set up… Read More

  • MobileCrunch is looking for interns

    Do you live and breath mobile? Do you want to be the one to bring the news to the masses as it breaks? MobileCrunch is now looking for interns. Think you’re the one for the job? Shoot us a line at mobilecrunch at crunchgear dot com. Be sure to include a bit of information about yourself, a basic rundown of your background, and some examples of your writing style. Read More

  • Interns needed

    Like gadgets? Like to be hazed? Join us as a CG Intern. Email john @ crunchgear . com with two posts in CG style and a short description of your background including location, WoW-level, and estimated ability to write poorly quickly. Read More

  • Summer Interns needed

    CrunchGear needs some help. We’re all too slovenly to do all the great things we’re planning this summer so we’re looking for a summer intern to help out around the farm. Drop me a line at tips @ crunchgear dot com and include a resume and some writing clips along with your take on this post. Rewrite it in your own style and add whatever you see fit. Read More

  • Call for Interns in NYC and SF

    Got some spare time on your hands? Want to work with the fastest growing tech blog on the web? Live in San Fran or New York? Want me to stop talking like this? Apply for an internship today! The job offers no monetary compensation, but you will get to learn the ropes of blogging (it’s like rocket science, seriously, you need our help as much as we’d appreciate yours). And… Read More