How The Growth Of Mixed Reality Will Change Communication, Collaboration And The Future Of The Workplace

Sci-fi tech, meet Wall Street. A recent report from Goldman Sachs predicted that within 10 years, virtual reality hardware will be an $80 billion industry. This “base case” forecast assumed that a

Facebook’s Controversial Free Basics Program Shuts Down In Egypt

Free Basics, a Facebook program that gives free access to certain Internet services, has been shut down in Egypt. The news comes the week after India’s telecom regulator ordered the suspension of Fr

Facebook’s Plan to Monopolize The Internet In India Should Be Defeated

Despite rebranding its free ‘walled garden’ of apps plan in India under the new name of “Free Basics,” Facebook remains in direct violation of an open internet. Facebook’s first

Indian Regulator Temporarily Suspends Facebook’s Free Basics

Free Basics, a service by Facebook initiative, is having a rough week in India. First, an email campaign by the social media network was criticized for being heavy-handed and misleading.

Facebook’s Now Available Throughout India, Facebook’s initiative to provide free Internet services in developing countries, is now available to all Indians through the Free Basics app on Reliance Communication’s network. The

Facebook And Eutelsat Partner To Deliver Internet To Africa From Space

As part of, its initiative to bring billions of people around the world online, Facebook will partner with Eutelsat to launch a new satellite that will provide Internet access to parts of

After Backlash, Facebook Opens Portal To Court More Operators

Facebook is marking the one-year anniversary of the launch of its service, which enables free mobile access to a selection of web services in emerging markets, with a push to bring more m

President Obama: “The Internet Is Not A Luxury, It Is A Necessity”

A lot of people are aware that third-world countries still need Internet access. That's why there's Facebook's sometimes controversial What not a lot of people are aware of is that one o

How To Make The Internet Free In Developing Countries

When most Americans hear the term “net neutrality” their eyes begin to glaze over, confusion sets in, and an almost instant-boredom takes over them. But in an emerging market like India, net neutr

Facebook Brings Its Controversial Initiative To Pakistan

Facebook's initiative to provide basic internet access for free has been heavily criticized over the past few months, but its business as usual for the U.S. company after its service roll

Facebook Opens Internet.Org To All Developers In Response To Net Neutrality Concerns

Facebook is turning, its project to provide free internet to new users, into a platform. The move comes amid criticism of the program's "walled garden" approach to hand-picking services,

Under Fire In India, Facebook’s Launches In Indonesia

Facebook's program has expanded into Indonesia, a country with a 250 million population, marking its second largest launch in Asia to date.

In Emerging Markets, Internet Blamed For Having Negative Impact On Morality

A new study out this morning from Pew Research takes a deep dive into the impact that Internet access is having on emerging markets, especially in terms of how it’s shaping public opinion. Today

Humans: The Next Platform

Biohacking and transhumanist advances (including nootropics, extended longevity, cybernetic implants, better behavioral and genetic self-understanding) will materially advance our quality of life and

Outernet Joins The Space Race For Internet Accessibility

The space race to launch satellites providing internet coverage to the roughly 4 billion people living in unconnected or nominally connected communities around the world is no longer just the purview

Zuck Says “Sure”, Facebook Would Love To Work With Google On Global Internet Access

Connecting the world doesn’t have to be a cutthroat competition, Mark Zuckerberg signalled on stage at Mobile World Congress earlier today When asked if Facebook’s access ini

Opera Adds Free Apps To Its Android Data Savings App Opera Max

Last year mobile browser company Opera launched Opera Max, a data-compressing Android app that let users save money on their mobile data. Now, to drive more usage of the product, Opera is adding anot

Facebook Takes And Its Free Mobile Data Services To India

Facebook's project to provide basic mobile Internet services for free just took its biggest step to date after it launched in India. The service, which is run by with inpu’s App Heads To Kenya, Its Third Country, Offering Free Access To Facebook And Other Services

Facebook isn't holding back getting, its app providing free data access to resources and information, into the wild. The service launched in its first market (Zambia) at the end of July,

Facebook’s Works With Carriers To Speed Up Networks, Indonesia First

Facebook has long been promoting the the idea of free, zero-rated mobile services in emerging countries to drive more Facebook (and wider mobile data) usage. Now, its initiative has 
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