Internet freedom

  • Tech and the presidential race Crunch Network

    Tech and the presidential race

    For presidential nominee Donald Trump, the importance of articulating a vision for the tech industry seems to be lost. While nominee Hillary Clinton released a comprehensive technology policy platform that should excite software developers, Mr. Trump doesn’t pay much attention to our industry’s concerns and is, frankly, on the wrong side of many of the most important issues facing… Read More

  • From Internet To Internets

    From Internet To Internets

    Over the past few days, China has blocked access to servers required to use Gmail through its Great Firewall. Earlier this month, Spain passed a law that requires Google to pay fees to publishers for every single snippet of a news article the company uses with Google News. Russia blocked the websites of several of Vladimir Putin’s critics, and also convinced Facebook to block the page of… Read More

  • Google’s Defamation Case In India Underscores Challenges In Ensuring Internet Freedom

    Google’s Defamation Case In India Underscores Challenges In Ensuring Internet Freedom

    India’s Supreme Court has deferred hearing of a defamation case against the local unit of Google on whether it’s liable for offensive comments posted by a user on The case has been in play for three years. The case, originally filed by a Hyderabad-based construction company Visaka Industries, underscores growing concerns around Internet freedom in India and several… Read More

  • Making Government Suck Less

    Making Government Suck Less

    Editor’s note: U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa has represented California’s 49th Congressional District in the House of Representatives since 2001. Follow him on Twitter @DarrellIssa. On June 11, 2012, I went all in on open. That day, I traveled to the Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) in New York City to launch the OpenGov Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to developing and deploying… Read More

  • Internet Freedom: Diplomats Join The Dissidents, Geeks And Censors

    Internet Freedom: Diplomats Join The Dissidents, Geeks And Censors

    In its new “Enemies of the Internet” report, the international watchdog group Reporters Without Borders depicts an Internet under unprecedented pressure from the world’s autocratic regimes. The study lists twelve such “enemies,” including Iran, North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia, and observes that an increasing number of governments are not content merely to… Read More

  • Twitter, Democracy, and Internet Freedom

    Twitter, Democracy, and Internet Freedom

    Twitter has taken fire in recent days from activists and bloggers who fear that the company’s new censorship policies will muffle online freedom. News reports recall the ways in which protestors have had made use of Twitter to oppose dictatorships, and dissidents express concern that their ability to communicate will be harmed. The more immediate issue, however, may lie elsewhere. … Read More

  • Getting “Internet Freedom” Straight

    Getting “Internet Freedom” Straight

    What is Internet freedom? The United States government has an “Internet freedom” agenda, complete with speeches by the Secretary of State and millions of dollars in program funding. A key United Nations official last year issued a major report emphasizing the right of all individuals freely to use the Internet. Taking a different tack, Vint Cerf, one of the Internet’s… Read More