Microsoft Launches IE10 For Windows 7, Starts Auto-Upgrading IE9 Users And Launches New Ad Campagin

This sure took a while, but Microsoft just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that Internet Explorer 10 is now finally available for all Windows 7 users worldwid

The Pros And Cons Of A WebKit Monoculture

The <a target="_blank" href="">news</a> that Opera is shutting down the development of its own browser rendering engine and moving to the open source

Microsoft Launches Modern.IE To Help Developers Test Their Web Apps For Legacy And Modern Versions Of IE

Even though Microsoft itself would <a target="_blank" href="">prefer to change this</a>, many users still rely on older versions of Internet Explorer. For developers,

Microsoft Brings Internet Explorer 10 Preview To Windows 7 PCs

As <a target="_blank" href="">promised</a> last month, Microsoft today <a target="_blank" href="http://blogs.m

Europe Could Hit Microsoft With $7B+ Fine Over New Internet Explorer Antitrust Violations [Updated]

Looks like the European Commission is following through on what it's been <a href="

Microsoft Will Finally Release A Preview Of IE10 For Windows 7 In November

Microsoft will finally launch a preview of <a target="_blank" href="">Internet Explorer 10</a> for Windows 7 <a target="_blank" href="

The New Internet Explorer For Xbox May Be Clumsy, But Wait Til It Gets Kinected

Internet Explorer suddenly became one of the most widely available Internet TV browsers today as it <a target="_blank" href="

Report: Europe Inching Closer To Fining Microsoft Billions Over Failure To Offer Internet Explorer Alternatives

Pull out the ibuprofen, Redmond: it looks like the <a target="_blank" href="">antitrust headache</a> that bothered <a target

Microsoft Helps To Bring The Popular Mobile Game Contre Jour To The Web

Contre Jour, the imaginative mobile physics-based puzzle game launched in 2011, is now available on the web. Just like with Cut the Rope for HTML5, the Pulse web app and the <a href="

Google Apps Says Goodbye To Internet Explorer 8, Pulls Support For the Browser

Today, the Google Apps team announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. Thank goodness. This will affect everyone using Google Apps: businesses, educational and government institutio

Kogan Hates IE7 So Much It’s Imposing A Tax On All Shoppers That Use The Browser

<a target="_blank" href="">Ruslan Kogan</a> may not be a known entity in the U.S., but the Aussie entrepreneur is a pioneer of online retail in Australia and h

Internet Explorer Will Land On The Xbox 360 “This Fall” With Kinect Controls In Tow

The announcements just keep pouring out of Microsoft's press event at the Galen Center, so here's another one to chew on -- Microsoft has announced that a version of their Internet Explorer browser wi

StatCounter: Google Chrome Pushes Past Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (Again)

Well, it's official. Or at least it's official if you believe <a href="">in StatCounter's data</a>. Google's Chrome web browser has overtaken

Nobody Wants To Feel Like They’re Obsolete

<blockquote>Q: Dad, what browser do you use? A: One that browses well. Q: Okay, what's it called? A: A browser.</blockquote> I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid technological discussions wit

StatCounter: Firefox 4 Has Already Eclipsed Internet Explorer 9

<img src="" /> <a href="">Mozilla</a> has <a href="

Video: Installing Every Single Version Of Microsoft Internet Explorer

<img src="" />Microsoft officially released <a HREF="

Internet Explorer 9 Officially Released (Just Not For XP Users)

<img src="" />Microsoft has officially released Internet Explorer 9. Not a beta, not a release candidate, but the real deal. You'll rec

First 2 Browsers To Fall At Pwn2Own: Safari & Internet Explorer

<img src="" />Apple's Safari and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 were the first two Web browsers to fall in the latest Pwn2Own contest

Last Week, IE Was The Top Browser On TechCrunch. Wait, What?

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-262794" title="ie" src="" alt="" />In late November of last year, we noted a changing of the guard: <a h

Another Day, Another Internet Explorer Exploit

<img src="" />Oh, dear. Microsoft has revealed a new security flaw in Internet Explorer that, if taken advantage of, could let evildoe
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