Firefox overtakes Microsoft’s IE and Edge browsers, but Chrome continues to dominate

Microsoft may have built a new web browser that is befitting of today's Internet, but its decision to develop Edge and deprioritize Internet Explorer might be benefitting its rivals.

Microsoft Today Ends Support For Windows 8, Old Versions Of Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s push towards Windows 10 continues. Today, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 8, as well as older versions of its Internet Explorer web browser, IE 8, IE 9, and IE 10. For end us

10 Tech Buzzwords And How To Explain Them To Your Extended Family

One of the nice things about living in the Bay Area or another technology hub is that everyone speaks the same language – there’s common jargon. As nice as going home and meeting family is

Google Will Stop Supporting Chrome For Windows XP, Vista And Older Versions Of OS X By April 2016

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would still support Chrome on Windows XP through the end of 2015. The end of 2015 is getting closer and as Google announced today, so is the end of Chrome

Mozilla CEO Sends Angry Open Letter To Microsoft Over Changing Windows 10 Browser Defaults

With Edge in Windows 10, Microsoft has finally delivered a capable browser to replace the aging Internet Explorer. Microsoft likes Windows 10 so much, it makes Edge the default browser in Windows 10,

Skype For Web Beta Now Open To All U.S. And U.K. Users

Skype’s web-based client, along with both IM and video/audio call functionality, is now available to all users in open beta, the company announced today. The web-based version of the popular cha

Microsoft Will Remove “Do Not Track” As The Default Setting In Its New Browsers

Microsoft today announced that going forward, it will not turn on the “Do Not Track” feature in the upcoming versions of Internet Explorer and Spartan by default. The “Do Not Track&#

Google Says 5% Of Visitors To Its Sites Have Ad Injectors Installed

According to a study Google conducted with researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, 5 percent of people visiting Google's sites and services now have at least one ad injector installed.

Microsoft Is Rumored To Be Building A New Browser That Is Not Internet Explorer

Remember when Chrome was fast? Microsoft might, if ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley's recent report that the software company is building a lightweight browser, codenamed "Spartan," bears out. According to F

Microsoft Debated Rebranding Internet Explorer

In a Reddit AMA session, the Internet Explorer team revealed that it has discussed rebranding the browser. The comment was made in response to a query referring to the negative market perception that

Microsoft Kills Vendor Program That Offered To Pay People To Write About IE

Repeat after me: Don't pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: Don't offer to pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: People will write about your thing if they think tha

Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer Dev Channel For Developers And Early Adopters

While most popular browsers offer numerous release channels, Microsoft has always held back from this idea and instead launched preview versions of its upcoming releases a few weeks or months before t

Microsoft Plans To Bring HTTP/2, Web Audio And JavaScript Promises To The Next Version Of IE

At its Build developer conference earlier this year, Microsoft promised that it would become more transparent about which new features the Internet Explorer team is considering for upcoming versions.

Microsoft Patches Latest Internet Explorer Security Flaw — Even For XP Users

Microsoft is issuing an update to Internet Explorer today that patches a very serious security issue in its browser. This issue came to light over the weekend and what made it especially problematic

Microsoft Updates IE11 With Enterprise Mode On Desktop, Reading And Data-Saving Modes On Mobile

As part of its Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft today also announced an update to its Internet Explorer 11 browser. While the changes on the desktop are mostly about enterprise users, the F12 developer t

Microsoft Wants You To Rethink Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has long suffered from the bad reputation it inflicted upon itself, and Microsoft is painfully aware of this. Ever since IE9, though, it’s been a pretty good browser and the la

With Internet Explorer On Board, WebGL Is Ready For Prime Time

We've seen developers create 3D content in the browser for a while now, but to do so, they had to use Flash or other tools because browsers didn't support this kind of content out of the box. <a targe

Internet Explorer 6 Market Share Finally Falls Under 5%

The Internet Explorer 6 death watch continues, but the end is near. Microsoft's ancient browser may still haunt web developers' nightmares, but according to the <a target="_blank" href="

Microsoft Launches IE11 Developer Preview For Windows 7, Updates Modern.IE With New Tools

Almost exactly a month ago, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 11 as part of the Windows 8.1 preview and today, it is also launching a developer preview of IE11 for Windows 7. Sandeep Singhal, Mi

Microsoft Confirms IE11 Will Support Google’s SPDY Protocol

In a press briefing this afternoon, Microsoft announced that <a target="_blank" href="">Internet Explorer 11</a> will support <a target=
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