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Internet Archive adds trove of cheap LCD handhelds to its emulation collection

During CES, the single piece of electronics I spent the most time with, apart from my laptop and camera, was a Mattel Dungeons & Dragons Computer Fantasy Game handheld. These cheap handhelds, sold as

Backing up the history of the internet in Canada to save it from Trump

When the Library of Alexandria burned, the world lost a significant portion of its cultural knowledge and history. That’s the fate that Brewster Kahle fears might await the Internet Archive under Do

GifCities is a search engine for classic GIFs

GIFs may be hot today and some people may even think that they are a relatively new thing on the internet. If you’re an internet users of a certain age, though, chances are you were already usi

Researchers track the trackers through 20 years of the archived web

Everywhere you go on the web, trackers are working to reconstruct your every move. But who tracks the trackers? That's just what researchers at the University of Washington are doing, with purpose-bui

Internet Archive posted 10,000 browser-playable Amiga titles – go, play

Seriously, go. Enjoy yourself. It’s Monday. We’ll still be here when you get back. It’s bound to be a long week. The world is coming apart at the seams. Your boss won’t notice if you play a ro

INNOVATE2016: Brewster Kahle’s call for a decentralized web

The time has come to build a better Web.

The Internet Is Failing The Website Preservation Test

The other day I was writing an article and I wanted to link to a piece I wrote when I was at CITEworld in 2013 — just two years ago. I went searching for it, but soon discovered that IDG, the p

Twitter Turns Off MS-DOS Game Embeds In Tweets

The newfound ability to put entire MS-DOS games hosted by the Internet Archive inside tweets, and then play them back in Twitter's official web client, is now gone. The feature used Twitter's Cards se

How Game Historians Are Keeping Your Favorite Bits From Being Lost Forever

Since 2013, the Internet Archive has provided access to old console games, arcade titles and even MS-DOS classics like Oregon Trail. In a talk at GDC, Internet Archive curator Jason Scott explained ho

Internet Archive Seeking Donations To Rebuild Its Fire-Damaged Scanning Center

The non-profit <a target="_blank" href="">Internet Archive</a> suffered a major setback this morning <a target="_blank" href="

It Turns Out That Google Even Has A Competitive Advantage In Scanning Books

<img src="" width="215" height="176" /> Google is serious about scanning books. Throughout the objections raised over the y