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  • New research shows that apps can help combat screen addictions

    New research shows that apps can help combat screen addictions

    Any human advancement has been fraught with the opportunity for misuse and abuse, and the internet is no different. And just as mobile technology and the apps that have been built for the new communication platform have created these problems with its omnipresence, a few tech companies are also looking to leverage that same omnipresence and messaging functionality to solve them. Read More

  • Chinese Internet addicts escape, then are returned to, treatment center

    A daring escape plan ended with parental scolding. Three patients (or “inmates,” if you prefer) at a Chinese Internet addiction center staged a coup of sorts, overpowering guards and fleeing the area. All went according to plan until they hopped in a taxi and were unable to pay. The driver became annoyed, called the authorities, drawing the adventure to a close. Read More

  • Chinese Internet addict beaten to death by camp counselors

    Another day, another death in China by overzealous personnel. A boy of 16 was beaten to death at an “Internet Addiction” camp when adult counselers became agitated and beat him during treatment. The “camp” is currently closed and the local government is investigating the occurrence. The WSJ is reporting that there is currently a country-wide debate about the true meaning… Read More

  • Support Radio: Internet walkie-talkie concept is like audio Twitter

    Designed to battle internet addiction, the Support Radio concept from designer Joe Malia is aimed at “partners, parents and kids struggling to cope with the non-involvement of an excessive computer user in the home.” The idea is that, for instance, if your spouse is addicted to Facebook and/or Twitter, you record a message into your radio and then someone else on the other side of… Read More

  • China defines Internet Addiction and you probably have it, dear reader

    So, tell me. Do you: Spend 6 hours online a day? Yearn to get back online when you’re off? Feel distress (mental or physical) when disconnected? Have trouble concentrating or sleeping? Yes? Good! That means you’re part of this modern world in which people connect via their electronic devices. Wait, no. Bad! It means that according to Beijing’s Military General Hospital… Read More

  • Internet Addict Sues IBM, Goes on Internet

    I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. It seems a 58 year old vet at IBM was caught on adult chatrooms at work, fired, and is now suing Big Blue for $5 million, citing Internet addiction. “Plaintiff was discharged by IBM because he visited an Internet chat room for a sexual experience during work after he had been previously warned,” the company said. Now I like me some… Read More