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With all eyes on the Indo-Pacific, a burgeoning tech alliance is taking shape in the Euro-Atlantic

The TTC — if it takes root — could be a Euro-Atlantic answer to the Quad in the Indo-Pacific: an embryonic tech alliance and a building block for a new democratic tech arrangement.

Miami-based Marco Financial is launching a revenue-based lending service for Latin American SMEs

Marco Financial, a new Miami-based startup, is looking to take a piece of the roughly $350 billion trade finance market for Latin American exporters with its novel factoring services business.  Small

The H-1B visa ban is creating nearshore business partnership opportunities

Nearshoring is mutually beneficial because developers don't have to give up their culture for a great employment opportunity and businesses can reap the benefits of diversification.

Apple products under pricing pressure as new 15% tariffs drop Sunday

A new 15% tariff on Chinese imports will go in effect just after midnight Sunday, placing levies on hundreds of household goods and consumer tech, including a bevy of Apple products. The tariffs, put