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Watch SpaceX launch a Northrop Grumman resupply mission to the ISS

SpaceX is teaming up with Northrop Grumman today to deliver more than 8,000 pounds of cargo, fresh food and scientific experiments to astronauts on the International Space Station. The NG-20 resupply

Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule will not be ready fly crew until March 2024

Boeing and NASA managers are now estimating that the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft will not be ready to fly astronauts until March 2024, one of the longest delays yet to hit this already very delayed s

Gitai wants to build a robotic labor force for the moon and Mars

There is a groundswell of commercial space initiatives focused on the moon, with established companies and newer upstarts all seeking to transform that cold, grey rock into a thriving hub for scientif

Axiom Space gears up for second private human spaceflight mission to ISS

Axiom Space’s second private crewed mission to the International Space Station is now scheduled to launch in just ten days, with the four-person crew preparing to conduct more than 20 scientific exp

Jed McCaleb’s private space station venture Vast might be more than just science fiction

Some of the biggest names in the space industry are billionaires: Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Richard Branson. The newest person to join this small cadre, at least by personal net worth, is Jed McCaleb. Hi

Max Q: Oh my gourd

Will every October issue have a Halloween/autumn pun as its title? I'LL NEVER TELL.

SpaceX notches eighth human spaceflight mission with Crew-5

SpaceX successfully launched another batch of astronauts to the International Space Station Wednesday, part of an ongoing astronaut transportation contract with NASA. Like the company’s seven other

Russia debates staying on ISS past 2024 despite tensions

Russia is having internal discussions over continuing its participation in the International Space Station (ISS) beyond 2024, despite statements made earlier this summer that the country will pull out

NASA orders five more astronaut transportation flights from SpaceX for $1.4 billion

NASA has finalized an agreement with SpaceX to purchase five more astronaut transportation missions to and from the International Space Station, further entrenching the space company’s position as t

Watch SpaceX launch more than 5,800 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station

After a little over a month of delays, NASA and SpaceX are ready to launch a resupply mission to the International Space Station, which includes more than 5,800 pounds of supplies, equipment and scien

Nanoracks and Gitai team up for second space robotics demo aboard the ISS

Nanoracks and Tokyo-based space startup Gitai are teaming up for a second technology demonstration on the International Space Station, a mission that could bring the Japanese startup one step closer t

AWS sent a Snowcone to space

At its re:Mars conference, Amazon today announced that it quietly sent one of its AWS Snowcone edge computing and storage devices into space on the Axiom mission to the International Space Station. Fo

Max Q: Insertion burn

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. In this issue: Boeing's make it or break it launch; Fresh funding for SpaceX; News from Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab and more

Boeing’s Starliner finally makes it all the way to the ISS

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft has had a rough couple years, but this afternoon it successfully docked with the International Space Station, its first successful mission to orbit. Despite

Max Q: Rocket booster, meet helicopter

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. In this issue: Rocket Lab’s milestone booster recovery Ursa Major and Phantom Space News from NASA, SpaceX and more Don’t forget to sign up to get the free new

Watch Axiom Space send crew of 4 to the International Space Station in historic mission

If you needed any more convincing that we’ve entered a new era of human spaceflight, this mission should finally settle it for you. Houston-based startup Axiom Space will be launching the first

SpaceX, Northrop Grumman to resupply the ISS through 2026

NASA just placed another order with SpaceX. The agency said Wednesday it had ordered six additional resupply missions from the company under its Commercial Resupply Services-2 (CRS-2) contract. NASA a

NASA extends SpaceX’s Commercial Crew contract by three missions for $900 million

NASA announced today that it has officially awarded SpaceX the Crew-7, Crew-8 and Crew-9 missions to the International Space Station, bringing SpaceX’s total Commercial Crew Transportation Capabilit

Watch SpaceX launch four Crew-3 astronauts for NASA

Just two days after SpaceX safely returned four astronauts from the International Space Station, it’s sending another quartet to orbit. Check out the launch live on the video above — SpaceX wi

The Googler who came to monetize space

Axiom Space, builder of the next International Space Station, recruited Tejpaul Bhatia to become its first chief revenue officer, responsible for the growth and monetization of the space ecosystem.
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