• Plasticity wants to help chatbots seem less robotic

    Plasticity wants to help chatbots seem less robotic

    Y Combinator backed Plasticity is tackling the problem of getting software systems to better understand text, using deep learning models trained to understand what they’re reading on Wikipedia articles — and offering an API for developers to enhance their own interfaces. Read More

  • German Researchers Build A Plane Controlled By Your Brain

    German Researchers Build A Plane Controlled By Your Brain

    While the more pedantic among us would argue that every plane is controlled by our brains, German researchers at the Technische Universität München and the TU Berlin have created a plane that eschews all the messy, meaty bits (your head, your hands) that sit between the brain and the plane. Read More

  • Facebook Shares Drop 5 Percent As Employee Lockup Expires

    Facebook Shares Drop 5 Percent As Employee Lockup Expires

    At market opening today, Facebook took another hit, with shares trading at 20.94, 5.02 percent below Friday’s level, the last day trades were made since Hurricane Sandy barreled over the East Coast. Today, 234 million Facebook shares (NASDAQ:FB) held by employees are now eligible to be sold on the market thanks to a stock-lockup expiration. Read More

  • EMIRAI: Mitsubishi Shows Futuristic Car Interface (Video)

    EMIRAI: Mitsubishi Shows Futuristic Car Interface (Video)

    At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Mitsubishi took the wraps off EMIRAI, a near-future concept that will become reality in about 10 years (if the company is to be believed). The core element is a large-sized, curved dashboard that combines rear-projection to display various operations with touch control support. The steering wheel features shape-changing buttons that only raise when the system… Read More

  • AirSwing: Toshiba's gesture-based UI system in action (video)

    Natural user interfaces using gestures aren’t really new, but AirSwing, a technology developed by Toshiba, offers something unique: it neither requires expensive hardware nor substantial CPU resources to work. After installing AirSwing (which is in prototype stage) on your computer, all you need is just a conventional web cam as the input device to start. Read More

  • 'Smart Touch' interface for Windows Mobile

    I can’t quite put my finger on it (pun intended) but this interface looks similar to something I’ve seen before. The “Smart Touch” UI by Gigabyte for its line of GSmart phones will be available in Europe “after May,” so there’s no telling if we’ll see something like this here in the US. Actually, we’ll see a lot of stuff like this if we… Read More

  • Samsung wants you to use your hands

    Samsung has filed a patent for a phone that is operated with only your hands, but not on the phone. The idea is that you move you hand around and form gestures in the air to control the phone. The patent states that the hand movements would be captured in the phones camera and then translated into instructions for the phone. As interesting as this technology is, it is only a patent, so who… Read More

  • HTC's upcoming interface might be named 'Manila'

      Are we looking at HTC’s next GUI? Could be! It might be called “Manila” too. Doesn’t it give you goose bumps? Oh really? It didn’t give me goose bumps either. I just said that because I figured there was something wrong with my feelings again. Here’s some more info from the::unwired, I have zero information if this screenshots are legit or just a… Read More

  • Pleo and kids

    Yeah, I know it’s an annoying GIF, right? I never got into the whole Aibo/Pleo/Robosapien thing but TC headquarters just sent me a Pleo to talk about for the Crunchies and I turned it on for my 2-year-old son. He was immediately entranced. To my jaded eyes, Pleo looks like another attempt at creating a “life form” that can convince you to love it and care for it. Furby was… Read More

  • Five Ways The iPhone Will Change The Wireless Industry

    Om Malik has been eyeing Steve Jobs’ recent keynote at WWDC ’07 and has put together a list of ways the iPhone will change the wireless industry. Om brings up some important points that we normally wouldn’t think of while caught up in the hoopla of the iPhone. He mentions that since the iPhone is essentially an iPod as well, there’s no need to shell out money to… Read More

  • Polar Bears and the Art of Interface Design

    Try as they might, the animators couldn’t find and delete LazyEye.cpp from the render farm servers. Bill Higgins brings up quite a few interesting points in his article, “the Uncanny Valley of user interface design.” Read it before you read this. Essentially he’s saying that there is a “sweet spot” that user interfaces — be they desktop programs or… Read More

  • Luxeed Lights Up Multi-Hued Keyboard

    , the keys of Luxeed’s keyboard light up to any one of 512 colors that can be pre-programmed into “skins”, or can be downloaded from Loxeed’s website. Though there’s no mention of it, we see this as being something fairly scriptable. Imagine if it was set to illuminate certain key shortcuts in certain programs, for example if you’re running Firefox, the… Read More