The Onion Omega2 lets you add Linux to your hardware projects

Need a tiny, $5 computer to build a robot that will bring you your slippers, initiate a massage chair session, and pour out your daily dose of bourbon? The Onion Omega2 can do all that and more. This

Sound Might Be The Key To Touching Objects In Virtual Reality

The key to a sense of touch in VR might be sound, ironically – a team working out of the University of Bristol in the UK (via New Scientist) have worked out an improved version of haptic tech that c

Tumblr Overhauls Its Android App With Path-Like Interface, Brings “Take A Photo” Back To The Desktop

Today, Tumblr launched a new version of its Android app. Its interface is the design you’re seeing in many apps lately, mostly made popular by Path. Yes, Tumblr has gone Holo with its UI. That

Windows 7 Tablet Interface Got You Down? Try FrontFace

Windows 7 is a great tablet platform, but it’s just not as sexy as Android, or the iPad. Luckily people have been making custom interfaces for Windows products for years, and Windows 7 is no exc

Guitar/headphone interface for iPhone

The slew of music recording / creation apps for the iPhone all share the same weakness. They rely on the internal microphone, and a recording quality microphone it is not. The Guitarbud from PRS Guita

Puyocon: Ball-shaped, squeezable input interface (videos)

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Puyocon</a> wants to be for PCs what the Wiimote becam

Get your hands on the wall now! …with this multi-touch projector

<img src="" />What if, instead of a touch screen, you could reach out and touch (and manipulate) an image on any surface? Seems like

Crocodile keys hope to improve text entry accuracy

<img src="" />The more time I spend using computers, the more I realize that the ways in which we interact with th

TiVo market testing possible new interface

Supposedly TiVo is using an online survey to test users’ responses to a new interface. That’s a screen shot from it up there. Most interesting to me, as a non-TiVo user, is that BMW ad alo

New Xbox 360 interface leaked, can be installed on modded systems

[youtube] The new Xbox 360 interface has been leaked, and those of you with a modded 360 (including our very own John Biggs) will be abl

Bill Gates wants you to lose your mouse

I don’t use a mouse. I use the trackpad on my MacBook or a trackball when I’m at the desktop, but Bill Gates thinks all these things are going they way of DOS. He sees a future where wavin

'Smart Touch' interface for Windows Mobile

[youtube] I can’t quite put my finger on it (pun intended) but this interface looks similar to something I’ve seen before. The “S

Apple plans new IM interface

An Apple patent describes an odd new instant messaging interface for touchscreen devices that lets you control chats in real time by editing old chats and allowing you to embed video and images. Peopl

VUDU updating interface next week

The folks at VUDU sent this over. Sometime next week VUDU’s UI will get an overhaul to make the search for movies and TV shows much easier than it is now. They’re also making changes based

It's Spreading: Multitouch the lunch box, multitouch the breakfast cereal, multitouch the flaaamethrower!

  Big surprise here. The wonderful “multitouch” interface used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and new MacBook Air is; A) not Apple’s invention, B) famous because of Apple, and C) wi

Linksys' new network interface, EasyLink Advisor Linksys’ new interface is probably the most useful I’ve seen in a network peripheral. Each items pops up as a l

Google for the iFones now available

Surf on over to Google, iFones fans, and feast your eyes on the new mobile version of Google. You’ve got Google Reader, Gmail, your Calendar, and even Docs all nicely arrayed in Joe Hewitt&#8217

Zune 2 80GB interface demo

[youtube] Here’s a pretty in-depth look at the interface on the new Zune 80GB. I won’t lie, it looks pretty slick.

Say it ain't so, BlackBerry

This makes me want to vomit. I doubt it’s my lunch, either. I’ll admit that the interface on the ifones is nice and slick, but leave the BlackBerry alone. The bPhone theme even replaces the hourgl

Patent Reveals Next-gen iPod and iPhone Nano

Now that the iPhone has almost arrived, Apple is starting work on a new version of the iPod and possibly the iPhone. A recent patent filing reveals a new full-screen iPod that uses touch controls loca
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