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Adtech’s compliance theatre is headed to Europe’s top court

For those watching the slow motion unpicking of surveillance advertising in the European Union here’s a fresh development on the long and winding road to a long-overdue legal reckoning: Multiple

US podcast ad revenue to reach $2 billion in 2022 and top $4 billion by 2024, study says

In the last year or so, the podcast advertising industry has turned a corner. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC’s 2021 U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, the next tw

Ireland’s privacy watchdog sued for inaction over ‘massive Google data breach’

Ireland’s evasive response to a major security complaint filed against Google’s adtech the year the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into application i

More deceptive cookie banners targeted in latest noyb EU action

European privacy advocacy group noyb has fired off a second batch of cookie consent complaints (270 in total) targeting websites in the region that it says are failing to properly request users’

Adtech vendors still tracking EU users who deny consent via IAB’s TCF, study suggests

New research examining what happens after Internet users in Europe land on an ad-supported website and express their “privacy choices” — using a flagship ad industry consent manageme

Data brokers track everywhere you go, but their days may be numbered

Everywhere you go, you are being followed. Not by some creep in a raincoat, but by the advertisers wanting to sell you things. The more advertisers know about you — where you go, which shops you vis

2019: the year podcasting broke

Like any burgeoning art form, podcasts have a complicated relationship with corporate America. The form’s appeal has long been its accessibility; for years, it’s been open to anyone with an idea,

Digital ad spend reached $57.9B in the first half of 2019, but growth has slowed (IAB report)

During the first six months of 2019, advertisers spent $57.9 billion on U.S. digital advertising, according to the latest report prepared by PwC for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (an online adver

Don’t miss this epic Twitter fight between the IAB’s CEO and actual publishers

Grab popcorn. As internet fights go, this one deserves your full attention — because the fight is over your attention. Your eyeballs and the creepy ads that trade data on you to try to swivel &#

Google and IAB ad category lists show ‘massive leakage of highly intimate data,’ GDPR complaint claims

Male impotence, substance abuse, right-wing politics, left-wing politics, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, mental health. Those are just a few of the advertising labels that Google’s adtec

Digital ad spend grew 23 percent in the first six months of 2017, according to IAB

Digital ad spending continued to grow during the first six months of 2017, according to the latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report. The report was prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Intera

The IAB finalizes its new ad standards

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade group representing online publishers and advertisers, has released new standards around mobile and web advertisers. Not every publisher and advertiser will

Majority of U.S. adults own a streaming-enabled TV, according to IAB study

TVs with streaming video capabilities have made a big leap in the past two years — 56 percent of U.S. adults own a streaming-enabled television, up from one-third of adults in 2015. That’s acc

Digital ad revenue up 19 percent in first half of 2016, according to IAB report

Digital advertising spend increased to $32.7 billion during the first six months of 2016, according to the latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (a trade g

US Internet ad revenue was up 20 percent in 2015

The online advertising industry continued a six-year streak of double-digit growth, according to a new report prepared by PwC US for the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The report found that digital a

Execs from the IAB and AdBlock Plus will discuss the future of ads at Disrupt NY

Online advertising is one of those subjects that we can rely on to get almost everyone to roll their eyes. And lately, it seems that investors have become skeptical, too. Still, you can’t unde

What We Talk About When We Talk About Ad Blocking

So here's an awkward question ... How many of you are reading this article without ads? Don't be shy if you are. You're definitely not alone. You'll be getting even more ad-blocking options with <

IAB Releases A New Overview Of In-Feed Ads

The Interactive Advertising Bureau<a target="_blank" href=""> just released its "deep dive"</a> into the world in-feed ads — n

IAB Survey Says Yes, (Some) People Watch Longer Videos On Their Smartphones

There's a new survey commissioned by the <a target="_blank" href="">Interactive Advertising Bureau</a> that examines mobile video consumption across the globe. Not surprisingly, m

IAB: Internet Ad Revenues In The U.S. Hit Record $6.4 Billion In Q3 2010

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /> Online advertising revenues in the U.S. hit <a href="
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