• IntenseDebate Goes Public Again, Releases WordPress Plugin

    IntenseDebate, the enhanced commenting system that was recently acquired by WordPress’s parent company Automattic, has relaunched to the public (the service originally opened its doors in late 2007, but reentered private beta as soon as it was acquired). IntenseDebate has also released the public beta of its WordPress plugin, which includes a number of features that make it much… Read More

  • Big Bucks For Better Comments; SezWho Raises $1 Million

    Hot on the heels of the launches of Disqus and Intense Debate, commenting reputation system SezWho has raised a $1 million series A round from KPG Ventures and upgraded their offering. The investment makes SezWho the best funded of the small group of startups currently trying to improve community for commentors. Considering how enhanced commenting somehow became a more competitive space… Read More

  • Intense Debate's Commenting System Out Of Beta And Very Open

    The battle over blog comments is heating up even more with TechStar’s Intense Debate coming out of beta along with Disqus today. While we covered the service’s private beta previously, stepping out of beta is more than just opening up their sign ups. They’re opening up their entire commenting system as well. The new version will feature several enhancements to help… Read More

  • Disqus Joins The Battle For Your Blog's Comments

    Blogs, at their best, are like finely tuned forums. Authors serve as moderators, starting discussion threads with posts. Some get particularly heated. But after two months of tuning in beta, Y Combinator’s Disqus is launching to make the forum comparison concrete. It looks like a great addition to heavily trafficked blogs thinking of enhancing their comment system. Disqus is a… Read More

  • Intense Debate Soups Up Your Blog Comments

    Colorado-based startup incubator TechStars has launched their second company today, Intense Debate. We covered TechStar’s first company, MadKast, earlier this week. Intense Debate is a souped-up blog commenting system that adds a lot of features for publishers and commenters alike. Installing the plug-in on your blog (WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad) adds threading, comment analytics… Read More