Washington Attorney General Hits Intelius With Fine, Injunctions

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Washington Attorney General Settlement Announcement Tomorrow: Let's Hope It's Intelius

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna's office sent out a media advisory that they'll

More Bad News For Intelius: Cofounder Charged With Lying About Sex With Stripper

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Next Week: U.S. Senate Committee Hearing On Aggressive Internet Sales Tactics

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Intelius Files To Go Public Again. Still A Huge Toxic Scam

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Friendster Partners With Intelius. Let The Scams Begin.

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DEMO: Can A Hooking Up And Looking Up App Redeem Intelius?

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Spock And Intelius? Uh Oh.

<img src="" width="215" height="102" />People search engine <a href="">Spock</a> is about to be sold, say multiple

Naveen Jain's Intelius Scam Begins To Crumble. Good.

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Naveen Jain's Latest Scam: Intelius

When serial entrepreneur Naveen Jain left the company he founded, InfoSpace, in disgrace in late 2002, a lot of people thought he would never be trusted by the financial markets again (see this three

Privacy alert: Intelius database could have your cellphone number

[photopress:intelius .jpg,full,center] He could be looking up your info! There’s a database out there with your name on it. (In it, but on it sounded better.) Intelius collects information like