• Best Buy's Magnolia Home Theater to sell Onkyo products soon

    Having trouble finding Onkyo products after all the Circuit City stores closed up? Yeah, sometimes we forget that when major retailers go down, some vendors suffer a lot too including Onkyo. Well, soon an underpaid Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater worker will be happy to demo and sell you products from the brand. Read More

  • Integra ships its first Blu-ray player

    Looking for a $600 Blu-ray player? I sure hope not, but if you are then Integra’s DBS-6.9 is now shipping. It dishes up 1080p video at 24fps, an HDMI v1.3 output, supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and has a front-panel SD slot, which enables Bonus View PIP. Read More

  • Integra now shipping DTR-7.9 and DTR-6.9 THX receivers

    The latest receivers from Intergra are now available, and wow are they spiffy. Both the DTR-7.9 and the DTR-6.9 sport the heralded THX Loudness Plus certification with the former earning the Ultra2 Plus cert. as well and the later the Select2Plus certification too. The big boy is equiped with five HDMI 1.3a – little guy gets four – and will upscale component video to 1080p through… Read More

  • Integra rolls out the surprisingly affordable DBS-6.9 Blu-ray player

    Integra tends to put out very nice, abet pricey AV equipment, so the CE companies first Blu-ray players low price surprised the CEDIA out of me. According to one of their product minions, the DBS-6.9 is going to hit all Integra distribution channels for $599. Expect the normal Blu-ray tech of HDMI 1.3a output, bitstream compatibility, and unfortunately Profile 1.1. Sorry, no BD Live… Read More